1. Green Lace Stud Shoulder Lightweight Knit Jumper £17.99 This top is absolutely gorgeous, it comes in 2 other colours however this ...

Wishlist Wednesday #1

14:38 Laura Thornberry 8 Comments

New Look Wishlist

1. Green Lace Stud Shoulder Lightweight Knit Jumper £17.99
This top is absolutely gorgeous, it comes in 2 other colours however this is the colour that caught my eye the most. A lovely muted olive green colour top with gorgeous studs along the shoulder and amazing lace detail above.

2. Nude Cut Out Wedge Shoe Boots £29.99
These aren't my usual pick of shoes, however I really like the wedge style thought they were gorgeous. I love how intricate the cut out detailing is and the colour is very pretty too.

3. Silver Triangle Spike Drop Necklace £5.99
This necklace is so lovely, I love the triangle and spike charms and the fact that it is a long necklace. Also, it is quite a statement piece that would look good with any outfit.

4. Navy Lace Back Vest £12.99
This navy vest is another thing that caught my eye as it can be worn both formally and casually. I don't own many navy vest or tops so I think this would look lovely as part of an outfit. Also, the lace detailing on the back is gorgeous, making it a lovely top for the summer.

5.Red Check Stud Collar Boyfriend Shirt £19.99
This is something I have been wanting for a while, however I am not 100% sure I could pull it off.  It features really nice bold colours but the main reason I like it is for the studded collar, which just adds that sparkle to the top.

6. Pink Stud Strap Satchel  £19.99
Now, this bag is something I would definitely not be brave enough to use out and about, but it was just too cute and lovely not to feature in my wishlist. The bag itself is a lovely smart satchel, but what made me look at is was the vibrant bold pink colour that I thought was so pretty and cute. Definitely a summer bag!

7. Silver and Blue Enamel Eagle Chain Collar Tips £4.99
This is another item I wouldn't usually look at or even think of buying, however I think the idea of these is very cool and quirky and would defo just add a sense fun to a shirt.

8. Dark Red Boxy T-Shirt £6.99
This probably isn't the most interesting top, however I really like the colour and the style of the top, and its just nice to have something to throw on when your just having a nice relaxing chilled day.

9. Kelly Brook Harbour Island Lip Gloss Wand £2.99
Lastly, is this gorgeous colour lip gloss from the Kelly Brook beauty collection. Lip gloss isn't something I actually wear as I'm more into balms and lipsticks, however this caught my eye. It comes in a lovely small cute bottle and its the colour that sold it to me, a gorgeous nudey pink with a hint of corally orange.

What are your favourite pieces from my wishlist?


  1. OH I'm a huge fan of the shoes and the necklace - well pretty much everything actually haha I'm definitely a new follower of your blog: Here's mine if you fancy a peek: http://thenew62.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Such a nice selection :) I love New Look, I always find really nice things in there for cheaper than say Topshop xx


  3. thank you :)
    i agree sometimes topshop doesnt always have much that i actually like or when they do its so expensive i want to cry aha
    new look has got such a lovely range of things that i want!

    followed you both!

  4. I love the navy vest and the jumper - great list!!

  5. Love-love-love ALL your picks, Laura, ESPECIALLY the boyfriend shirt!;-)

  6. Great picks :) x


  7. I love everything here!
    I'm a new follower :)
    Samantha xx