From Left to Right, Top to Bottom Wedge high top trainers is something I have been loving quite a bit recently, there a lovely way to...

Fridays Fashion Favourites #2 | Wedge Trainers

13:30 Laura Thornberry 6 Comments

Wedge Trainers
From Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Wedge high top trainers is something I have been loving quite a bit recently, there a lovely way to give an outfit that casual vibe, as well as give yourself a bit of height, like a pair of heels would, which for me only being 5'4 is a really good bonus. They are very stylish and very cool, that can help to give a slight edge to an outfit, whether it be casual or formal. I personally have 3 pairs of wedge trainers, that I absolutely adore. I have 2 more casual trainer pairs, and a black suede effect pair from Primark that are for more formal occasions. I'm not too sure if I am going to to a blog post on my own wedge trainers, but if you would like to see, then just leave a comment :) anyway.... 

Here are some of my favourites this week.

1. River Island Black studded velcro strap wedge high tops £32.00
These are a lovely pair of trainers, that I personally would wear on a more formal occasion  as I think they are quite simple, yet the silver studding just gives them that bit of style. The velcro strapping looks really  nice and in general these are just really nice. River Island have quite a variety of trainers that are really lovely and they aren't priced to highly, which is an added bonus!

2. ASOS ALDO Helianthe Black Studded Wedge Trainers £39.00
These are quite a simple pair of wedge trainers that I really like, and the silver studded areas just give them a lovely spot of detail that make them look really cool and quirky. I would say these are definitely more of a casual look trainer that you would wear on just an everyday basis, making your outfit just that little bit more special.

3. New Look Grey Silver Stud Concealed Wedge Trainers £15.00 
The reason I chose these trainers to feature in my favourites was for 2 reasons, the price and the colour! These trainers are definitely a statement piece of footwear, and you would have to be quite brave to wear them and pull them off! I have the same pair of these but in navy blue and gunmetal which I absolutely love.

4. Allexa Wedge Hi Top Trainers in Stone £32.99
These trainers are probably my favourite of the 4 I have chosen to feature this week, they really stood out for me as I absolutely loved the colour! The beige and the stoney grey really work well together and I just think they're beautiful. They are a very casual style, that can add that hint of coolness and style to any outfit, with also adding some height, always a bonus.

What do you think about wedge trainers? Do you have any yourself? Which of my 4 picks do you like the most? Comment below :)


  1. same here!
    got a pair a month ago and been obsessed
    really want a red pair! so comfy too

    1. ive seen a lovely red pair in primark! dying to get my hands on them!

  2. wedge trainers are one of those things i've been wanting for ages but haven't got around to actually buying yet. You should deffo do a post about your collection especially if you have some from good ol' Primark

    1. you should get some. they are so comfy and literally go with any outfit!
      if i get a chance i will defo get round to it!

  3. frickin awesome shoes! great blog - following ya :) xx