Hey my lovelies! This is just a quick post I wanted to share with you all about a couple of pieces I found on a  small shopping trip t...

Accessory Bargains

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Hey my lovelies! This is just a quick post I wanted to share with you all about a couple of pieces I found on a  small shopping trip to town I took earlier today on my day off from work! I picked up a couple of bits from both Primark and Topshop, that I thought were such bargains and great value that I just had to share them with you! So lets get straight into it...

3 Pack Bracelets - Primark 

I picked these up on the jewellery stand in my local Primark and thought they were very cool and pretty and for only £1.50 for 3, it was a pretty good bargain!
The first bracelet is a simple plain black corded bracelet with a gorgeous bluey teal coloured skull, which fits in with the grungey style fashion trend, and I think its just a very pretty piece of jewellery.

The second bracelet is probably my favourite and the one I will wear the most. Similarly to the first one, this is also on a black cord bracelet, which is adjustable to fit your wrist. Again, it has lovely bluey teal coloured beads that add a splash of colour and then finished off with a statement silver detailed cross. It is a very simple, yet gorgeous bracelet and I can't wait to wear it!

Finally, the third bracelet, the one I wasn't too sure on. Its on a simple gold chain with a large arrow cuff piece. The only real reason I wasn't to sure on is if it would actually suit me, I know its just a bracelet but I wasn't too keen on the design. However, I hope than I will grow to like it and combine it with an outfit, if that fails, I can use it as part of a gift to someone.

Mood Stone Ring - Topshop £7.50
Reduced to £2.50
Till Price £1.50

I was so happy to have found this ring, it is just SO pretty! It is a mood stone double ring, I'm not too sure if these things actually work, but what made me buy it was the gorgeous colours that it changes to every so often. At times you get a gorgeous sparkly blue, then a lovely metallic purple, as well as others, and I thought it was so pretty and cute. Also, with the cross shape on top, it is very on trend, and with go with any outfit. Originally priced at £7.50, a little steep, I found it in the reduced section on the jewellery stands, with a price sticker of £2.50. I immediately picked it up and wanted it. When I got to the til, it was only £1.50, SUCH A BARGAIN! I was amazed at it and thought it was just so lovely for such a little price! 

Disney Minnie Mouse Lip Balm Trio - Primark 
Originally £4, Reduced to £2

"A set of 3 chic lip balms inspired by the fashion capitals of the world! Keep your lips super soft wherever you go!"

This is a very cute set of 3 lip balms, that I picked up purely based on the packaging design and the flavours of the lip balms;  Cherry, Vanilla and Strawberry. How amazing! I'd seen these in store before a while ago, but didn't think it was worth paying £4 for, mainly because I always seem to end up losing them, which isn't so good, but reduced to £2, I thought I'd pick them up! They smell absolutely yummy and ready to eat! Also, they have a slide off lid, that is so easy and simple to use!


30 Scented Tealights - Primark

I picked up this set of 30 candles as an extra special gift to add into my DIY Mothers Day Gift Box. My mum absolutely loves candles and these ones smelt absolutely gorgeous that I may get some more! "Coconut Milk + Mango" sounds like such an amazing scent, that it just makes your mouth water and for only £1.50 for 30 tealights, I'm sure that a pretty cheap deal!

Have you picked up and good bargains recently?


  1. Hele leuke aankopen en ik ben echt verlieft op die armbandjes en die ring!

  2. I love the pack of 3 bracelets, especially the arrow one! such a pretty colour! :)

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  7. the lip balm cases look so cuute <3

  8. Those bracelets are amazing for £1.50 X