Today's post shall be my June Beauty Favourite's, which include products that I have been loving this month and would like to sh...

June Beauty Favourites

12:53 Laura Thornberry 2 Comments

Today's post shall be my June Beauty Favourite's, which include products that I have been loving this month and would like to share with you all. I think this is actually my first favourites post and I'm actually really excited about the products I've chosen this month. Some of these products I have only been using for a couple of months and others are just products I repurchase a lot.

So lets get on with my favourites this month...

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash 500ml £6.50 @ Boots

I love this product! This is the first soap and glory shower gel I've used and I'm in love! This smells great, foams like no other and is incredibly creamy and moisturising. The scent of this body wash is so delicious, with hints of limes, lemon and sugar, it is just lovely!

Garnier Pure 3In1 Wash Mask £4.99 @ Superdrug

I have really enjoyed using this product this month and think it has definitely helped to improve my skin. I use this mask when I'm in the bath, gently rub it all over my face and leave to harden, before rinsing off. It has small little beads that help to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. I also like the fact that its a 3-1 mask, you can use it as a scrub, cleanser or a mask, which I think is a really good idea. It had quite a minty, fresh smell which I don't dislike, but it can be slightly overpowering if you use too much.

I love... Raspberry & Blackberry Shower Smoothie 200ML £2.05 @ Superdrug

This product is something I have been loving a lot! It has such a delicious aroma of freshly squeezed raspberries, and succulent blackberries, that if it was edible, I would definitely eat it! leave skin super smooth and smelling fabulous. It gently exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling super smooth and smelling fabulous.

Garnier Pure Fruit Energy Scrub £4.99 @ Superdrug

Another garnier product that I have enjoyed using this month. I use this product in the morning when I wake up, as it helps to brighten up the skin and make you look more awake. Its formula with purifying salicylic acid eliminates impurities, purifies and tightens pores, which helps the skin to look lovely and glowing. Also, this product has a lovely fruity scent, that is very zingy and fresh that just smells delicious!

Aussie Shampoo Luscious Long 300ml £3.50 @ Superdrug

I absolutely LOVE Aussie Products, and this shampoo is just amazing. It leaves my hair feeling light, shiny and super soft! It has such a gorgeous peachy smell to it, I just can't seem to find anything negative about any Aussie products. Definitely the hair products I will always continue to use as they are just amazing and perfect for my hair.

Garnier Moisture Match Wake Me Up 50ml £2.98 (RRP £5.99) @ Superdrug

This moisturiser is something I was quite sceptical to start using as I wasn't sure which one from the collection was best suited for me. However, I chose the Wake Me Up moisturiser to use in the mornings, when I feel my skin is quite dull and tired looking. The formula is of a silky gel which sinks into the skin quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and looking glowy. It has a lovely fresh smell that just helps to "pick me up" in the mornings and is just a really nice way to start the day.

MUA Lipstick in Shade 7 £1 @ Superdrug

Finally, is this lipstick I picked up recently from MUA for only £1, bargain right?! The shade I chose is a gorgeous shimmery pink colour with hints of orangey coral, which I think is such a beautiful shade for the summer. I have been wearing this lipstick near enough everyday and think its such a gorgeous colour and a definite staple in anyone's make up bag. The formula is very pigmented and only takes one swipe to develop a full cover and colour.

What have been your beauty favourites this month? Have you tried any of the ones I have included? Would you like to try any?


  1. I LOVE the shade of the MUA lipstick! I have that shower scrub too, it smells beautiful. I've seen a few people rave about the Garnier Moisture Match and I'm always surprised by it, I got some samples of each version from the range and not one of them worked for my skin!

    Maxine, xx

    1. its such a gorgeous colour and a really good lipstick for only £1! I am in love with the smell of the scrub it is just so yummy! i think with the moisture match is that you have to try them out 3 or 4 times before you notice anything, thats what i found anyway x