Hello everyone! Today I have put together a collection of animal print pieces from online retailer Persunmall . From shoes to bags to jewel...

You're Gonna Hear Me ROAR

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Hello everyone! Today I have put together a collection of animal print pieces from online retailer Persunmall. From shoes to bags to jewellery to dresses and other clothing items, such a vast selection, where there will definitely be something for everyone!. 

The animal print is something that is both bold and timeless, always on trend, as well as something to wear to make a bold statement and put you in the spotlight! This trend that comes back every season but is not always the way, and I think the pieces I have chosen are very cool and quirky! Whilst browsing the website, I was drawn to the large selection of animal print pieces, that are still definitely on trend, and something that will suit all shapes and sizes, as well as drawing influence from a song that is currently in the charts... Can you guess what it is? If not, there's a video at the end!

Left to Right, Top to Bottom
This lion printed shirt was very eye catching whilst I was browsing the website, something that is very Rihanna-esque, and definitely quite a statement animal printed piece! I would team up with some simple dark coloured jeans and some converse trainers, to create a daytime casual look!

These simple, but stunning heeled shoes would be perfect for someone who wasn't to confident about wearing animal prints, but wanted to incorporate the trend into there wardrobe. Team up with a simple black dress and you're good to go!

This bold sweater would be perfect for someone who likes to make a statement with what they wear and isn't afraid of loud/bold colours! A colourful knit perfect for the colder months ahead, simply teamed up with some black jeans or leggings and plain pumps or trainers.

I decided to include this ABSOLUTELY adorable backpack in my post as its just so simple and cute! Not too much of an overwhelming piece, but something very simple and more of a casual accessory.

Are these statement leggings or what?!? I thought these were so much cooler and quirkier that your plain old basic black leggings! Perfect to incorporate some edginess into an outfit, teamed up with a simple tee and oversized cardigan!

I thought this t shirt was really lovely and features block colours, which would be suitable for all shapes and sizes! I loved the print design and think its a perfect piece for anyone's wardrobe, simply worn with jeans or leggings for a casual outfit.

Here's a little song, where the influence for this post came! Hope you enjoy!

Are you a fan of animal prints? What is your favourite print? What is your favourite pieces I have featured in today's post? Are you a fan of Katy Perry's song "Roar"?

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  1. I love those leggings, they're amazing!

    Lovely blog, following.



    1. Thank you!
      the leggings are so cool and quirky!


  2. I love the shirt, it's so quirky. I'm not going to lie, I've never been a fan of Katy Perry before, but I do find myself singing/shouting along to this song whenever its on, oops, haha.

    samantha xx

    1. It's gorgeous, isn't it!
      the song is so catchy, i'm singing it right now, ooops