For this post, I have put together my own thoughts, as well as some fellow bloggers on the topic of "What is Fashion?", to ba...

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What is fashion

For this post, I have put together my own thoughts, as well as some fellow bloggers on the topic of "What is Fashion?", to basically show similar or contrasting ideas and how we think and believe what fashion is and how it affects our lives.

To me, fashion is important because it's how you present yourself and how you let others see you before you are spoken to. The way you dress/style yourself is the first impression that you make to another person before even a word is spoken. I also believe that fashion isn't just about the clothes you wear, its about how you present yourself as a person and how your lifestyle reflects the person you are. Fashion is all about confidence and how we all express ourselves and show personality, if you feel confident and comfortable in your appearance, others will see this about you and have a positive reaction. We are all unique in lots of different ways, and I think how we present ourselves is definitely something that shouldn't be judged upon.

I took to twitter and enlisted the help from some fellow bloggers on what they think and what fashion means to them. This allowed me to get a number of different or similar views of what fashion actually means and how they interpret it. This is what they said...

"I think fashion = regular trends which you see people wearing, for example, at the moment, tartan is very much 'in fashion'. If someone is 'fashionable' it's usually someone who is always on top of the latest trends."
Em Sheldon - 

"The definition of fashion is ‘A popular trend, esp. in styles of dress, ornament or behaviour’, and I predominantly agree with the behaviour part. For me fashion is about two things: expression and confidence, and I believe what you wear plays a huge part in changing your behaviour, whether it is in a negative or positive way. If I find myself on the drag and don’t like outfit I put together in a hurry, it really does make a difference to my day, mood and consequently how I behave. Whereas if I have had more time to think about what I am going to wear, I feel more confident, happier with myself and probably hold myself differently when I walk . Being a fashion blogger and bordering on obsessed with clothes, I’m sure these sort of situations effect my mood more than the average person, but I think it is relevant to all of us. I once read a quote from Adrian Gill that ends with “…every single person in the world gets up in the morning and puts on something, and whether you like it or not, that’s a statement about who you are”, and that section has always stuck in my head. We may not always choose to admit it, but we do all make first judgements of people, and the way we dress will always effect others first impressions. So as well as dressing for your own mood, confidence and happiness, I think, consciously or unconsciously, we are all reflecting how we want our personality and character to come across with the way we dress ourselves."
Helen -

"To me, 'fashion' is a lot more than just wearing clothes. It's the only way a person can express who they are completely, without using words. I adore how you can tell an awful lot (usually) about a person just by looking at their clothes. Fashion is a sort of 'pre-first impression' if that makes any sense? To make a first impression you have to speak to someone, but to speak to them they must have caught your eye somehow, or vice versa. It's not always about clothes either, it's about hair, nails, make up, accessories etc. It changes the way you present yourself, it can make your stand differently, walk confidently. Everyone has the right to their own fashion, no matter what! Not one person should ever feel like they can scrutinise someone else for expressing who they are. Surely it's a human right."
Lilie -

"I think fashion is a way of expressing yourself, it's a way of wearing a little bit of your personality on the outside for all to see and just throwing on a bright jumper or pretty accessories can lift your mood and change how people react to you."
RosySparkles -

"What does fashion mean to me? Hmm, that’s a hard one. Fashion to me is confidence, expression and comfort. I like to wear clothes that suit me and my personality. I can be pretty loud at times so sometimes I like to express that in the clothes that I wear. Bright colours and bold accessories are a great way to do that, as well as bright and bold makeup. Because of this, confidence has too play a huge part in my fashion sense. You have to wear clothes that you feel confident in otherwise to integrate my third point, you will not feel comfortable. I also think that fashion can be used to build people’s confidence, the more compliments we get on an outfit the more confident we feel, which then leads us to feeling comfortable wearing clothes that are maybe out of our comfort zone."
Megan Butler -

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." No one could have said it better than Coco Chanel. Although fashion's literal meaning is the particular style of clothing which is popular at any given time, it really means so much more. Fashion presents the true reflection of society and culture - just go back in time and study the different eras, every decade has a different story to tell. The loose silhouettes of the Flapper Girls mirror the free and independent attitudes of women in the 1920s; the tie-dyed garments of the Hippies depict their carefree, laid-back nature; and the over-the-top bling of the 80s clearly points to the popularity of disco at the time. Fashion also presents the reflection of an individual's personality - bright and bold clothes and accessories draw attention while prim and proper clothes show how much of a perfectionist someone may be. Therefore, fashion has various underlying meanings and is not just restricted to appearance.
                                         Roshni Chaudhari-

"Essentially ‘Fashion’ is what is currently on trend, popular and worn by the majority of a country. Fashion includes, clothes, accessories, shoes, make up & hair. For me, it is more about the clothes, shoes and accessories.  To me it is a form of art, and the person is the canvas. Karl Lagerfeld once said ‘“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality”. I completely agree with this, the way a person dresses speaks volumes as to the real person they are. You can make your clothes come alive with your personality. It is far easier to show who we are with our clothes.  I believe that there is more to fashion than just what is currently popular, because let’s face it.. not every trend suits every person. Confidence in what you are wearing screams fashion, the way someone walks and holds themselves as if to say ‘look at me’. Fashion is seen everywhere; every person you look at, everyone on the television/movies.. it captures the imagination of the public. Photography plays a massive part in fashion, if photographed the wrong way it can completely change the appearance of something. Exactly the same as how you accessorize your outfits, if you want a certain look then you wear certain accessories. A lot of what you see on the major catwalks are seen as ‘fashion’, 9 times out of 10 it’s outrageous and an exaggeration of what the theme is . However, I love how you can take parts of the outfits , tone it down and apply to your looks, for example.. prints/colours, shape/style etc.  Fashion brings people together, so many people have the same tastes and it is an incredibly fun journey to share."
Amy Connolly –

As you can see, we all have both similar and different ideas on what we believe fashion is and what it means to us, there is no right or wrong answer, and I believe every single opinion is something that shouldn't be considered wrong as we all think different things.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the bloggers who kindly helped out for this post, and sharing their thoughts on this topic for me. If there are bloggers mentioned in this post that you haven't came across yet, I would love you all to check out their blogs as they all are lovely people who's blogs I love reading!

What are your thoughts on fashion? What does is mean to you?

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