"A general direction in which something is developing or changing. A trend is what's popular at a certain point in time."...

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"A general direction in which something is developing or changing. A trend is what's popular at a certain point in time."

A trend simply reflects what is popular in the fashion world, usually starting from the catwalk runways of London, Paris, Milan and New York, where designers showcase there latest collections to a mass audience. From these fashion shows, the trends for the coming season, whether it be Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter, are formed and the designers at department stores and high street brands begin planning for there own collections to represent the current trends. Fashion is always changing, trends always change, however there here are some trends that appear season after season but they might just be tweaked in a small way,so it is important for brands to be updated with this, to bring the latest trends to the consumers of fashion. fashion never dies but reinvents itself with modernised twist. Many of the trends that have faded over the years come back into the scene because designers become inspired by the past.

Fashion Trends

In my own opinion, I think it is moderately important to keep track and up to date of  the latest trends, but not necessarily to follow them religiously. By being made aware of the latest trends, you might come across new patterns/prints/fabrics etc, which look great on you and suit your shape/size. Trends are a relatively dynamic concept, which can change every season, or come back every year with a slight twist, but it is your personal style is what defines you. I don't think incorporating all the current trends into your own style is very practical or necessary, but adding some of the latest fashion to your personal style which can make you feel on-trend and up to date , although I think its important to feel comfortable and confident in what we wear, and stick to out preferences, instead of following the crowd!

Do you follow the latest fashion trends? What are you favourite/least favourite trends? Is your fashion style influenced by the latest trends? Is incorporating the latest trends into your wardrobe important to you?

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  1. Loved this post! You're right, it's important to be aware of the latest trends but by no means does that mean you have to follow them. Xx

    1. I agree! Its good to know them, but not feel the need to incorporate them !