"The pronoun of the second person singular or plural, used of the person or persons being addressed." So today's post...

My A to Z of Fashion - Y

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"The pronoun of the second person singular or plural, used of the person or persons being addressed."

So today's post in my A to Z is all about You! How you see fashion and your interpretation is all about you and how you see things, which is what makes us all unique, as we all like and dislike certain things. As an individual, we are all different and have our own ideas of what fashion and style is, which is reflected in our own personal preferences and tastes, which makes fashion an exciting thing, as being the same would be boring right? So I'm going to talk a little bit about my own style, and how I would describe it, what sorts of places I shop at and how I update  my style and wardrobe, as well as sharing with you a website I have recently found out about and concluding this post with a short video from Youtube.

So how would I describe my own style? 
My personal style would consist of looking smart but in a more casual relaxed way, as well as feeling comfortable and confident. I wouldn't say I was someone who follows fashion entirely but I like to dress quite simply and relaxed, but adding that edge to an outfit either with accessories or statement prints is something I like doing. I like to dress according to my mood and reflect my personality. I also find dressing towards the appropriate season quite important, in the winter months, I mostly wear darker colours; blacks, greys, blues, burgundy etc, but in the summer, I like clothes that add a little colour and vibrancy to my wardrobe. 
Most of my fashion shopping is from high street brands, as these are always easily accessible  on trend as well as affordable and having a large selection of pieces. Some examples would be New Look, River Island, Primark, Zara, Topshop and H&M, to name a few. I also find shopping online another way in which I update my wardrobe and add different trend and styles into my own, browsing the likes of Ebay and ASOS, as a few examples.

Relating to fashion and style, I want to bring attention to a website called Style Is... which is a search engine to help you to find the best of fashion, focusing on style, design, sustainability and ethics, available on the internet.
"Style is… is an easily searchable platform which brings together thousands of items of clothing, shoes and accessories, all offering a more sustainable choice than shopping the high street, under one big virtual roof in a kind of super boutique. It aims to make it quicker and easier for you to discover fantastic new brands and beautiful clothing ranging from the ridiculously affordable to the downright luxurious and everything in between. Style is… features a range of clothes, shoes and accessories for women, men and children that you will love for their fresh innovative design, unique styles, high quality finishes, artisan details, luxuriously soft fabrics and much more.

The following video is a short film based on a selection of people discussing about what fashion is and their own individual style, where the people at Style Is... went to London Fashion Week to discuss these subjects.

How would you describe you own style and what you think about fashion? Are fashion trends important to you? Have you visited Style Is... ?

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*Images used in collage are from google images / not my own photography
*Video sourced from Style Is via Youtube