Now that December finally started a couple of days ago, I feel ready to start scribbling down items on my Christmas wish list, as well as a...

Guest Post || Christmas Wishlist

18:00 Laura Thornberry 3 Comments

Now that December finally started a couple of days ago, I feel ready to start scribbling down items on my Christmas wish list, as well as actually create a visual version and share it with you. Some of the things on my list might seem a bit boring and too overly practical rather than pretty and dreamy, but these things are ones that I not only really want but need as well! Let’s get started with this year’s wishes…

Black Platform Boots from My Mum Made It. As you might already have noticed in case that you’ve been reading my blog for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been lusting after a pair of chunkier, heavier black boots for a while now, including the simpler, lower-heeled Vagabond ones. After unsuccessfully ordering a similar pair to the Vagabond ones, with a heel that was a tad higher, on Amazon, my hope vanished and I buried the thought of the boots in the back of my head. Not long after, I stumbled upon this online shop called My Mum Made It and it has the most gorgeous clothes, shoes and accessories! When I first found these boots, I wasn’t sure if they weren’t too heavy for me, but I decided to simply ask for them for Christmas and see what the postman brings me!

It by Alexa Chung. You would think that I had enough to read as a partly English literature student, but this book is one that I’ve been reading about a bit here and there recently and I really feel like it would be a nice present as it’s a good change from the usual books I have to read for my classes. I don’t know too much about the book, other than that people loved it everywhere, so I’d love to give it a try myself!

Vegan for Fit by Attila Hildmann As already mentioned a couple of times on the blog, I’ve been looking into vegan lifestyle and cuisine quite a lot recently, this book being one of the main reasons that I even got interested in the subject. Attila Hildmann is a German-Turkish guy from Berlin who completely changed his lifestyle (google pictures with his name and look for before and after pictures, you’ll be stunned!) by switching from omnivore to vegan eating lifestyle. He published this book a little while ago (about 1 year ago I’d say?), which basically consists of a 30 day challenge to eat vegan and follow specific eating patterns, including the most fantastic and delicious recipes. If you would like to learn more about it, I’d recommend you to watch the “trailer” to his book. I’ll probably give the challenge a go in mid-January as it’s supposed to make you feel incredibly good, lose some weight, build up muscle and it’s super tasty too!

Nike Free Run 5.0s As many other people, I’ve completely fallen in love with the whole sneaker-during-the-day style and I’ve decided to ask for a pair that I’d mostly wear during the day for Christmas. I’ve been thinking about getting colourful ones as they can really spice up an outfit, but as my mum already said, I already own a pair of pink Reebok sneakers which I could wear if I really feel like adding a splash of colour to my outfit, so I’ll probably go for the simple black/grey/white version.

A blender This is something I’ve been wanting even back when I was still living at home, as we only have a very basic blender there, nothing fancy to make smoothies in. Before I came to Uni, I already mentioned the wish of a blender but I decided to wait for Christmas to ask for one. I don’t have any particular brand in mind as I’m not too well informed on the subject, so any suggestions are highly welcome! My friend who I’ll also be living with next year will probably get a blender to make cakes with, so that way we have all the equipment we need to make everything from cakes and cupcakes to smoothies or homemade falafel!

Silver (boyfriend) watch I already added this kind of watch to quite a few of my Polyvore outfit combinations and I’m quite sure that it has appeared on a few monthly wish lists as well. I don’t have any particular model of preference in mind right now.

Nike Sports Bra. I only own one sport bra from Nike (and it’s pink, of course) and since I work out almost every day, I would really like to own a second and maybe even third one. I’ve tried to look for cheaper options than Nike but was never really satisfied with how they looked or felt when worn, so I decided to just wait until Christmas and ask for a Nike one, as they are a bit more expensive but so worth it in my opinion! The colour doesn't necessarily have to be pink, but then again, you can never have enough pink workout clothes…

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