Hi I'm Jess and I blog over at Dungarees & Donuts  and Laura kindly asked me to guest post for her and I jumped at the chance, I ho...

Guest Post - Favourite Party Dresses

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Hi I'm Jess and I blog over at Dungarees & Donuts and Laura kindly asked me to guest post for her and I jumped at the chance, I hope you enjoy my Christmas themed guest post!

 It's that time of year again, Christmas for some of us it's the best time of year but what about those of us who are invited to all those Christmas do's and have no idea what to wear don't worry help is here I have put together 5 of my favourite dresses for this time of year and I hope you find one that you like!

1. The little black number!  I like the little black dress for the reason you can accessorize the black dress with pretty much any coloured heels you wish, I recommend red or glittery for this time of year they stand out! I like this dress in particular because it isn't the sort of black dress that is glued to your body, gives you freedom and looks totally sophisticated!

2. The Pretty one. Okay so this dress is so gorgeous and sophisticated I love the sleeves I think it gives the dress a bit of an edgy style, another black dress pretty much for the same reasons as before I recommend a pair of wedges with this dress, any colour you wish the beauty of black dresses! 

3. The Blue Classy Number. So you want something a bit more classy. This dress would be perfect for impressing that guy you've had your eye on for a while, I'd recommend this dress if you are quite tall as with your "long" legs it will make them look amazing, the colour heels with this I would recommend is definitely black any other colour would probably clash and a little black clutch.

4. The Daring one- Will you dare to be different with this dress it's not often people dare to wear red, it's a very bold choice and you've got wear it with confidence for sure! This dress will look super pretty with a pair of silver or black heels, a pretty little clutch! I'd wear it if you are a bit shorter I think the dress will maximize the length of your legs making them look great! Be confident!

5. The Girly Number- So I recommend this dress if you've got a big bust it will definitely look great in this dress it's short and really girly for those who like something a bit more stand out-ish it reminds me of some of the dresses the girls wore for prom but a lot nicer in my opinion the colour makes it look more class rather than tack! If you are looking for a dress to suit your body shape look no further you've found the perfect one! 

I hope you enjoyed my guest post today and thanks so much Laura for letting my guest post! if you fancy a read of my blog i'm over at www.dungarees-and-donuts.co.uk

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