Hello!  Let me take a minute to introduce myself.   I’m Danniella and I’m from Famous in Japan .   I am taking over Laura’s blog for toda...

Guest Post - Get a Glow Without Spending Dough

20:04 Laura Thornberry 3 Comments

Hello!  Let me take a minute to introduce myself.  
I’m Danniella and I’m from Famous in Japan.  I am taking over Laura’s blog for today with a guest post I hope some of you will like! 
*crosses fingers*

Today I am talking about products that you can use to perk up your complexion, without depressing your bank account.  Let’s get started!

First up it’s the forever sold out MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter.  I don’t think that even MUA were prepared for the immense popularity of this product – and for good reason!  Despite being a mere £3, it’s one of my favourite highlighters.  It really does give a noticeable effect.  It’s very light on the skin and can easily be built up, should you need it.  Like I said, it’s sold out more often than not in-store, but at the time of writing you can get it online through MUA’s website.
We’ve all heard of Benefit High Beam, right?  I have tried a few minis of it but I can’t say I would buy it full size at it’s RRP – yowza, dat stuff cray..zily expensive.   During one stroll at lunch time I wandered into my local Bodycare and came out with Technic’s dupe – High Lights (geddit?)  It’s a lot thicker than High Beam and can feel heavy if you layer a lot on.  When it comes to liquid highlighters like these, I personally like to mix some with my base product to give me an all over effect.
Finally, it’s the Bourjois Java Rice Powder.  I saw this on so many blogs and in the end I gave into temptation and I nabbed it during my next visit to Boots.   This is probably the most subtle of the three, but again it’s light, buildable and it actually has quite a pleasant smell.  I will however warn you that the packaging inside is one of those twist mechanisms, similar to ones of salt shakers, so do be careful when unscrewing or it will end up everywhere!

Here are the mandatory swatches of each in action.  I would say my favourite out of the three, and the cheapest, is the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter.  
Which is your favourite?
A big thank you to Laura for letting me guest post on her blog, and I hope you all enjoyed this post!
Danniella x x x


  1. I need to get the MUA highlighter omg! I've been looking for the Java powder too,cant find that anywhere?! xxx


    1. They all sound like amazing products!


  2. that mua highlighter looks amazing on your skin!!