Hello lovelies! Today I have a slightly different approach to a blog post, where its more of an article than just a normal post. It's...

Tartan... A Trend for the Brave?

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Hello lovelies!
Today I have a slightly different approach to a blog post, where its more of an article than just a normal post. It's kind of an experimental idea, so I would love to know what you all think!

So, as the title states... Tartan... A trend for the brave?
 We're seen tartan pop up everywhere, all over the high street and on various online stores, and its definitely here to stay! Tartan is one of the most popular and most recognised trends this Autumn/Winter, and is for sure a very bold and striking pattern trend. But does it suit everyone? Where did it all come from? Why is it so popular this season?

"Tartan refers to the pattern of interlocking stripes, running in both the warp and weft in the cloth (horizontal and vertical), or any representation of such a woven design in other media. Tartan has an ancient history.  The earliest known tartan in Scotland can be dated to the third or fourth century AD.  In other parts of the world, tartan cloth has been found dating to approximately 3000 BC. Tartan, in general, however came to be extremely popular in Scottish Highland culture.  So much so that by the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, tartan clothing is seen to be characteristic of Highland dress. "

So what are my thoughts on the tartan trend?
I wouldn't say I follow trends religiously and have to make sure my wardrobe is packed full of the latest prints and patterns, but Tartan for me is either something you love or hate, a little bit like marmite, which I hate, but I think the Tartan print is so versatile and can be styled in so many ways! My own personal opinion is that Tartan is so much easier to style if you are only incorporating one item into an outfit, its a very statement print and I think it may look quite OTT if styled incorrectly! 

Below I have created an OOTD, which incorporates a gorgeous Tartan shirt I picked up last year. I think its quite a casual, daytime outfit, which are my favourite to style, and would be perfect for a shopping trip, meeting up with friends, or even for work/school/college/uni.

Leather Jacket - Ebay / Shirt - New Look / Disco Leggings - Ebay / Vans - Very

I then went on to ask a few fellow bloggers what they think about the trend, what tartan products they already own and there thoughts on styling options. This allowed me to gain a wider understanding and to see the thoughts of others from there perspective! Here's what they had to say!

Question 1. What are your thoughts of the tartan trend? Do you like/dislike? 

"I'm a bit on the fence with the tartan trend, I like it in moderation but I'm not a fan of say a tartan dress. There are some beautiful tartan scarves out there that looks beautiful and will go with so many different outfits." @beckashepx

"I am a fan of the tartan trend, especially in the winter... there is something about tartan that is a little bit festive and looks great with layers. I prefer the green/blue tartan I think." @Helen_RaggyDoll

"Being a Glasgow Girl born and bred, I absolutely adore the tartan trend. " @LikesLippy

"I personally love tartan trend and jump to the tartan trend bandwagon. I find it so easy to style and always gives an extra oomph to my style." @evrylttlethng07

"I LOVE the tartan trend! I went to University in Edinburgh for 4 years and so I definitely have a real love for anything Scottish." @London__Kat

Question 2. Do you currently own any clothing/accessories that sport the tartan print? 
"Not at the moment! " @beckashepx

"I own a red tartan shirt that I got from a charity shop a couple of years ago... Charity shops are great places to pick up tartan pieces. I also own a Topshop silky tartan top, but I don't wear it that much because I've seen so many people wearing it, & I hate to be snobby but it does put me off a bit if I see every Tom Dick & Harry wearing the same thing as me. That's why charity shops are so good for finding a unique little bargain." @Helen_RaggyDoll

"For now I am loving my cosy tartan scarf, and my tartan Zara pencil skirt which I wear to work mainly." @LikesLippy

"I currently have a tartan scarf from topshop and a tartan skort from Missguided." @evrylttlethng07

"I have a beautiful, thick and wooly red tartan scarf from H and M and am contemplating another one from Zara... " @London__Kat

Questions 3. Do you find tartan hard to style? If yes, explain why. If no, explain why
"In some ways, yes, if it were a dress or a top etc I can't think what I'd pair it with to make it work! But as I said previously a scarf could work with a number of colours and styles as it's quite diverse! " @beckashepx

"I don't think tartan is particularly hard to style... but I think it should always be worn oversized. It is such a heritage print, that giving it a baggy vintage look works best in my opinion. I like to wear my tartan shirt tied around my waist... pointless I know, but it adds the flash of pattern with a slouchy edge. " @Helen_RaggyDoll

"I have heard others say its a hard trend to style but I don't agree. For me tartan is such a vibrant print, that it really always takes centre stage so I just keep everything else plain. For example with my tartan pencil skirt, to go casual I wear thick black tights, boots and a fluffy black jumper or for work, a black cami, black blazer, and heels." @LikesLippy

"The thing with tartan is that it is classic yet edgy and stylish." @evrylttlethng07

"I find it works best in accessories like jackets, scarves etc and I like that it can really brighten up a neutral outfit of beige, brown or black and make it look more cheerful!" @London__Kat

So as you can see Tartan is a very popular trend this season, with many celebs embracing it and sharing this with us all. You might not be brave to rock a full tartan outfit, but incorporating small pieces can make you feel that little bit more stylish and engaged with fashion! 
Are you ready to join the Tartan Army?

P.S. A big thank you to all the lovely bloggers who contributed to this article! I loved reading what you all thought and how we all have similar or different ideas! 

Do you like the Tartan Trend? What are your thoughts? Have you incorporated the print into your wardrobe? Which celeb from my video do you think wears it best? Do you like my OOTD? Where would you wear it to?

*Images for video found on Google-not my own photography


  1. Love it Laura :) So nice to read other bloggers opinions x

    1. Thank you helen!
      I agree, its such a lovely way to find out what everyone thinks!