"At MyBeautyCompare beauty is personalised. It is the world's first personalised beauty e-commerce platform in the world. MyBe...

An Introduction to My Beauty Compare

14:00 Laura Thornberry 0 Comments

"At MyBeautyCompare beauty is personalised. It is the world's first personalised beauty e-commerce platform in the world. MyBeautyCompare was founded by Nidhima Kohli to enable women to find the best makeup and skin care products to suit their skin type through unbiased recommendations. The new website allows users to discover and compare beauty product prices for over 200,000 popular makeup, skin care, body, hair and fragrance products and brands to enable women to find the right products for them."

"My Beauty Compare" is the world's first beauty comparison site that searches for you where to buy a certain product for the cheapest price. Previously before hearing of this absolute genius of a website, I would usually spend ages trying to find if I can buy a product cheaper elsewhere, and now I've discovered "My Beauty Compare".. It does it all for me within seconds. Perfect right?!?

Its so quick and easy to get started, you simply enter your details to create an account, where you fill in a beauty profile which allows them to deliver to you personalised beauty matches that are tailored to your preferences from the details you included. There are over 150,000 different products, including Skin Care, Make Up, Body Care, Hands and Feet, Hair Care and Fragrances, so there is definitely something for everyone here!

 Another great factor this website has to offer is that there is also a product review section. This allows you to browse new products/products you want to try, and read about what different people have said about the products and even have a chance to post your own for others to take a look at. I personally think this feature is an excellent part of the website, which helps to guide you to help you find a product that's right for you. As well as the review section, the website also carries a beauty forum, where you can ask questions and seek advice from Beauty Experts to help resolve all your beauty queries or you can visit there blog which features a range of beauty advice to product reviews, which also makes a great read!

"Tired of wasting time & money on products that don't work for you? Join MyBeautyCompare, the world's 1st personalised & price comparison site for beauty. Discover & compare the right products for YOU!"

Overall, I think the simple and useful concept of what My Beauty Compare has to offer is a great idea. A price comparison site takes away that long and boring task of trawling through pages and pages of various websites in the hope to save yourself some money or find that bargain buy. If you sign up to the My Beauty Compare newsletter, then you  get the chance to receive website/product updates, products reviews and special discounts/offers straight to your inbox. 

Have you heard of My Beauty Compare before? Would the concept of this website be something that appeals to you? Will you be signing up?

* Written in association with My Beauty Compare