Hello lovely readers of Laura's blog!  My name is also Laura and I am the writer of  beauty2couture  a beauty, fashion and so...

Guest Post - My Top 3 Products on My January Wishlist

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Hello lovely readers of Laura's blog! 

My name is also Laura and I am the writer of beauty2couture a beauty, fashion and sometimes lifestyle blog.  I am 18 years old and a typical girly girl currently living in Scotland. I absolutely love makeup and have a severe shopping problem, so I thought I would put my passions for beauty and fashion to good use by starting my little blog. I have been blogging for a year now and have loved every second of it. I love being a part of the beauty blogging community! Everyone is so lovely and I adore reading comments that are left on my posts. I hope that if you stop by my blog you enjoy it and I'd love if you'd leave a comment if you do!

The lovely Laura was looking for fellow bloggers to guest post on her blog and I jumped at the chance having never done anything like this before. I thought for my post I would do 'My Top 3 Products' which I am currently lusting after and are on my wish list. Since it is January and most people (including myself) are supposedly on spending ban's I am sure that wish list's have began to grow... I know mines certainly has! I thought I'd share with you a drugstore, middle end and high end product that I am resisting the urge to buy at the moment. So without further a do, let's jump into my Top 3 Products!

Drugstore: Maybelline Baby Lips | £2.99

I have heard so much about these little bad boy's over the past few months but have resisted the urge to pick one up (pat on the back for me). I don't, however, think I am going to last much longer as I have popped these on my wish list. Since it has been colder I think it is justifiable that I purchase a new lip product that will moisturise my lips and keep them in tip top condition. The packaging is also very cute and would look rather nice sitting in my bag! I think I will have to get one next time I am in Boots but I cannot decide between 'Cherry Me' and 'Pink Punch'. If you have either please do let me know which to go for. I am sure that if I do finally get my hands on one of these little beauties that I will tell you all my thoughts in a post, so keep your eyes peeled!

Middle End: Stila In the Light Palette | £25.00

Okay, okay so this probably is not a purchase that has to be made right this minute (I only just got my hands on the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette) but it really is a beautiful palette and one I am sure I would make good use of. I love all of the shadows and they are definitely shades that I would wear, I am a great lover of the neutral smoked out eye look. The packaging is also very pretty. My argument for getting this would be that a girl can never have too many palettes, right?

Highend: YSL Glossy Stain (Rose Tempera) | £23.50

I have had my eye on this lip product for ages now but I have never bucked up the courage to buy one. They are quite highly priced for a lip stain which is why I am yet to purchase one but they really do look amazing. Firstly the packaging is gorgeous (all of YSL packaging always is) I love the gold lid against the black tube, which has a small rectangular window which allows you to see the shade inside. I have swatched the colours several times and have decided that if I do fork out the cash for one it'll be in the shade Rose Tempera, which for those of you who already read my blog would know is a deep pink shade (my fave). I think it's about time that I treated myself to one of these, plus I think it would look very pretty sitting in my lip holder on my vanity!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and possibly got some ideas for your January Wish list! If you want to see more posts like this be sure to come have a wee look at my blog!

Love Laura

What beauty products are on your current wishlist? Do you own any of these 3 products? Which product would you most like to have?

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