Hello Everyone! This is Jasmine and I am Fashion blogger at ladiesfashionuk.blogspot.com  .Thank you so much Laura for allowing me to do a ...

Guest Post - Shoes: Comfort, Style or Versatility?

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Hello Everyone! This is Jasmine and I am Fashion blogger at ladiesfashionuk.blogspot.com .Thank you so much Laura for allowing me to do a guest post on your blog. Today I am going to share my 3 favourite heels style and hope you all will love it. You can follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.

Whenever you are searching for the perfect high heels, you should do some research before you buy a pair of heels. This is my personal advice to you, because I did not do any research and here I am contributing my experiences! Seriously, sometimes one just spends and spends without thinking, just falling in love with every shoe you see. However, if you want to be wise, I have listed my favourite 3 pairs of high heels and you can get a fair idea of what you want to be looking for when shopping for high heels for ladies. I have not discriminated shoes by number one two or three; these are just my most loved high heels that I feel were worth the buy.

Usually one judges shoes by three factors, its comfort level, style and how versatile it is. The shoes listed below get full marks on each factor and I'll explain why in the review of high heels given below.

1. The first one on my list is Clark's Azizi Immy, which is a recent purchase and I really like it. When one thinks of Clark's, one thinks that it is meant for older women and men only. However, they have really upped their game and have started to make super comfortable shoes in modern designs as well. They like to keep their heels low because they make very comfortable shoes for women and believe that high heels will not make it comfy. However, I found this pair to be one of the few high heels they had and bought it promptly. It is a beautiful woman’s courts and it makes you walk with so much comfort you do not even feel like you are wearing heels. It has a thick metallic trimmed heel, which adds to the contemporary style and the black colour means I can wear it with most clothes and is versatile enough to be worn to office or a dinner date. With leather linings and soft cushioned inner lining, it is a luxurious shoe to wear.

Source: http://www.clarks.co.uk/p/20357225

2. Suede and high heels are a combination that wins my heart, any day, any time! While browsing online through the Garage Shoes heels collection, I came across this shoe and just fell for it. I ordered it online, fearing that it might not fit, might not be comfortable or might have some problem with it. However, when it arrived and when I wore it around a couple of times, it landed into the list of my favourite shoes. I love the metallic ankle strap that not only makes it sexier but also looks very modern. It has a gorgeous high heel and you just want to wear all you little black Dresses with this shoe because it looks fantastic. This shoe does not have a platform on the toe part which is also good because with high heels you get tired of the same look sometimes. It is comfortable, stylish and versatile but most importantly it is very reasonable!

Source: http://garageshoes.co.uk/womens/heels/estuary-10.html

3. When it comes to high heels, Dune is also a good brand because it has a variety of good formal high heels. The one high heel that has made it to my favourite closet is this one.

Source: http://www.dunelondon.com/haute-2-part-diamante-embellished-heeled-sandal-0088503940337379/

It is a wedding type, formal shoe but it's in this list again because it is very easy to wear, and it gets a lot of compliments whenever I wear them. It looks great with almost all of my dresses.

Which pair of shoes is your favourite? How would you style these?