When it comes to clothes shopping, or just shopping in general, one thing I always seem to pick up on a trip is new lingerie! I don't...

New Look Lingerie

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When it comes to clothes shopping, or just shopping in general, one thing I always seem to pick up on a trip is new lingerie! I don't know why, but having new underwear just something that can make you feel better about yourself and also help you look good! It's an important rule that having the correct size underwear and underwear that flatters your shape, which can help you to look good and feel great in a new dress or outfit! In association with the New Look brand, this post shall be showcasing a small selection of my favourite pieces from the lingerie collection of there website.

New Look is definitely somewhere I go to when looking for new lingerie, as they have an amazing range of styles,colours, designs, sizes and really affordable! I actually recently put in an order from the New Look website that did actually feature 2 new lingerie sets, that I am really happy with as they fit so well and were so affordable! They definitely get the thumbs up from me! So if you've never bought lingerie sets from New Look or never shopped with them in general, I would advise and recommend you to have a little look!

Lets take a look at my top 4 picks from there current lingerie collection!

My first pick is the Kelly Brook Black Contrast Lace Balconette Bra 
and Kelly Brook Black and Cream Embroided Thong from the Kelly Brook Lingerie Collection, which I absolutely LOVE! This lingerie set is so pretty and girly, with that elegant and sophisticated touch, which really makes it attractive to the eye. The balconette style bra helps to give you a little added boost and is something that I would wear with lower cut outfits, such as dresses and tops. The style bras are perfect choice for ladies with a bigger bust as well as offering good coverage and support it's a pretty and flattering style. I love the monochrome colour scheme, that makes this set appealing and complementing to women of all skin tones. Also the lace detailing and the little black bows just make this set such a feminine and classy addition to any women's wardrobe.

This is one of the sets that I recently purchased and I cannot explain how happy I was to get this delivered to me. This lingerie set includes the Kelly Brook Red and Black Flocked Heart Plunge Bra and Black and Red Heart Print Short Briefs, which I feel is just super pretty and super cute! The plunge style bra gives you that little bit of extra padding, that helps to boost and improve your cleavage, for up to 2 sizes bigger, perfect for those with a smaller bust size. I adore the design of this set as obviously black and red are just a match made in heaven, a sexy yet girly lingerie set, that also features the cute bows and lave detailing. If red and black aren't colours of your choice, this set also comes in black and white.

A black lingerie set is a must for any female and the Black Animal Print Flock Super Push Up Bra with the Black Flocked Animal Print Lace Leg Brazilian Briefs doesn't disappoint one bit! For me, black lingerie is a must for your underwear collection, but this animal print designs adds that little sexy and wild vibe, to what could just be a plain set. This set also comes in red, which I also love, but I feel that a black set is a must have staple for any women's collection. The super push up style helps to give your bust a boost and improve your cleavage, and just give you that little lift! As well as absolutely loving the print design, this lingerie set features the lace detail on both the bra and the briefs, that adds another cute and pretty dimension to the set, which helps to give it a girly edge.

And finally, what underwear collection would be complete without a stunning and sexy red lingerie set! For me, the New Look Red Lace Push Up Bra and Red Lace Detail Thong is the perfect combination! Again, the push up bra helps to give your bust a lift and boost, which I'm sure we are all looking for when purchasing underwear sets, so this one is perfect! Something that seems to be a running theme with the sets I've chosen, this set features lace detailing, which I absolutely love when choosing bras. It gives that girly, cute and sexy appearance to a lingerie set and something that just attracts the eye. New Look have a vast selection of these push up bras that come in a range of colours, so if red isn't your colour, I'm sure you'll find one that you prefer!

So these are my top 4 lingerie sets, taken from the current collection on the New Look website. Hopefully, if you have never bought lingerie from New Look before, this post gives you a little insight into the style and designs they have to offer, and may persuade you to have a little look on there website!

Have you bought lingerie from New Look before? Which is your favourite lingerie set from the ones I have featured in today's post? Would you purchase any set featured in today's post?

*All image from the New Look Website


  1. Love getting new lingerie! You're definitely right, makes you feel so much better. Although, I'm quite big busted so struggle from hughstreet shops :(


    1. there just so pretty! I always end up buying some whenever I go out!
      I know many people that struggle to find there size but lots of high street shops are now starting to cater for bigger busts which is good! x

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    1. Me as well! I buy lots of mine from primark, mainly cause I work there and I always get to spot out the nice bits :P but New Look has some really nice sets and always such good quality. a little bit more expensive but so worth it!


  3. Beautiful picks, always make me feel better! I love New Look lingerie xx


  4. There's nothing better than new lingerie! I really need to buy some more.