Whatever exercise or workout you are indulging in, having the right footwear is probably one of the most important things to bear in mind! ...

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Whatever exercise or workout you are indulging in, having the right footwear is probably one of the most important things to bear in mind!  Investing in quality footwear can help you to prevent injuries, mainly foot and ankle damage, and make your workout a more pleasant, enjoyable and comfortable experience. You need to have footwear that are comfortable, supportive and well fitted, with soft, well-cushioned sole is also important to absorb any shocks and protect your joints while you’re exercising.

Buying a new pair/your first pair of trainers can give you that little confidence boost and the extra motivation to get fit and get active, and with so many different brands and designs, it can definitely be a hard task picking your favourites! 

It may also be hard to splash out for a brand new pair of trainers, especially if you are on a budget or low income, so I have chosen some of my favourite footwear which features all sorts of colours/designs, brands and varying prices, so I'm sure you will find something that suits you!

So let's have a look at my current favourites!

Sports Footwear

L1 Nike Downshifter 5 Running Shoes Ladies £31.99
L2 Adidas Duramo 5 Ladies Trail Running Shoes £36.99
L3 Avia C2 Tech Heel Ladies Running Shoes £16
R1 Reebok Transition Ladies Running Shoes £25
R2 Avia Roadside Ladies Running Shoes £11
R3 Nike Core Flex Ladies Training Shoes £42.99

The trainers that I currently own are the Avia Roadside Ladies Running Shoes. They are super comfortable and they fit really well, helping to stop my feet sliding about whilst exercising. These trainers are very lightweight, durable and breathable, which makes them a perfect pair of trainers for any type of exercise! They usually retail at £44.99, but are currently in the Sports Direct sale for a mere £11! A huge saving of £33.99! Bargain or what?!? If the Blue/Black/Pink design isn't for you, these trainers also come in Grey/Pink, for a more girly touch!

What are your current pair of trainers? Which of my favourites would suit you best? Has this post motivated you to purchase a new pair?


  1. Great post :) I almost bought those avia c2 shoes but the woman at sports direct told me that there's a reason they're so cheap and that they're not great running shoes :/ I ended up paying an extra tenner for some Nike's but I'm glad I did! :) x

    1. Thank you!
      hmm not sure why they would do that, the Avia brand are specifically for running and are a well known sports brand, one of the best. but Nike are still great, sometimes overpriced.