Primark Nails - Pastels and Nudes

By Laura Thornberry - 20:24

Primark Nail Polish
Whilst browsing in Primark recently, along with all the make-up and beauty products, I came across this 4 pack of nail polishes in nude and pastel colours, similar to the shades I featured in my Topshop Nails blog post. I know a lot of people have said that the Primark nail polishes aren't the best quality, however for only £2 and having a nice selection of colours, I was daring to give it a go! (P.s. Excuse my nails, I painted them in a rush whilst creating this blog)
Primark Nail PolishPrimark Nail Polish
A nude mushroomy brown colour

Primark Nail PolishPrimark Nail Polish
A nude taupe like colour with hints of lilac

Primark Nail PolishPrimark Nail Polish
A pastel milkshake baby pink colour

Primark Nail PolishPrimark Nail Polish
A gorgeous bluey green teal colour with greyish tints

Which colour is your favourite? Have you tried Primark Nail Polishes before?

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  1. These are lovely! I love the baby Pink one!


  2. Gorgeous colors, and I have to agree with Rachel - baby pink is my favorite! pastel milkshake - OMG, I wanna buy it just for its name;-))))

  3. I really like the nude tupe one and for only £2 it's a bargain will have to look out for it. x

    1. they are fairly new in so you should be able to find them :) x

  4. I really like the baby pink one which is very pretty

    Charlotte x