Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna Perfume Review

This is the first fragrance from Rihanna - Reb'l Fleur, a girly, sexy and daring fragrance. The scent is very feminine, not too overpowering but very sweet and floral and what makes it better is that it does last all day! Something that not all perfumes do, so this is definitely a good one! It's also perfect to wear either as an everyday scent or just for special occasions.

Rihanna Reb'l Fleur PerfumeRihanna Reb'l Fleur Perfume

This perfume by Rihanna is something I received for Christmas and have absolutely loved it since, to the point its nearly all gone! OOOPS! Oh well before I even start talking about the scent of the fragrance, the bottle itself is absolutely stunning! With an unusual style bottle shape and a black design around the glass bottle really gives it an interesting, elegant feel with a slight edgy look that I really like. It also makes it very appealing to the eye and with the gold ring style feature on the top, really does top it off and give it quite a sexy touch.

 It has a strong fruity start, but after a few hours on the skin it mellows to a lovely soft and warm floral with a hint of vanilla, which does smell really gorgeous. I'm never really a big fan of strong perfumes as sometimes I feel they can be too overpowering, yet this one is something I fell in love with since using it, and its something I would purchase again and recommend to anyone who is looking to try out something new, it's a lovely scent and very affordable - which for a celebrity perfume is another plus!

Have you tried this perfume by Rihanna? What are your thoughts?

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