My First Graze Box

By Laura Thornberry - 15:30

Graze Box
I'd heard about Graze boxes a while ago but didn't feel I really had any need for one. So I took advantage of an offer online, when I received a leaflet about graze with a recent order from New Look for a free box and signed up. When you sign up to this, you have the choice of going through all the snacks they offer, and choosing which ones you would like to try and ones that you never want to be sent. Even after your first box, you can cancel your account with no problems, if you didn't enjoy it, but hey its free food after all! They are normally priced at £3.89 a box, which may be slightly pricey for the size, but what you get is very healthy and tasty!

I received my first graze box in the post a few days ago - how very exciting! and was rather eager to see what goodies I had been sent, as you don't get to choose. However, they create your box with the items you have either clicked try, like, love or send soon, which I think is a great way of getting a nice selection. They also send you an email, when your box is being dispatched  and also this gives you a sneak peak at whats in your box.

Two little booklets welcoming you to Graze telling you about your box - calorie content, use by dates etc, which is a great little touch, especially for those concerned about there weight and what they eat. Also I liked the fact that under the packages of food you got a little napkin, which can come in handy, its the little touches really make this a great scheme.

Each snack was covered in a plastic sleeve, which was very easy to peel off and it told you what was inside. There such a good size and very handy if you want to eat on your way somewhere, pop into a lunch box, or just have as a light snack. With my free  box, I received the following snacks...
Mango Chutney with Black Pepper Dippers
Mango Chutney with Black Pepper Dippers
Summer Berry Compote with Wholemeal Shortbread
Summer Berry Compote with Wholemeal Shortbread
Eton Mess  Mini Meringues, Blackcurrants, Cranberries and Almond Slices
Eton Mess - Mini Meringues, Blackcurrants, Cranberries and Almond Slices
Marvellous Macaroon  White Chocolate, Amaretto Biscuits, Almond Slices and Coconut
Marvellous Macaroon - White Chocolate, Amaretto Biscuits, Almond Slices and Coconut

Overall, what I received in my free box, I really did like. It was bursting with lovely smells and flavours, and were very tasty snacks! I would recommend everyone to at least grab a free box and try it for yourself, even if you don't like it, you gave it a go and its free! 

My favourite from this box was definitely the Summer Compote with Wholemeal Shortbread!

Have you tried graze before? What's been you favourite snack?
Would you be interested in a free box? Is this something you would try just once?

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  2. All of the little snacks they include look like they'd taste lovely xxx

    1. they were all really nice!
      such a lovely selection

  3. I have tried these graze boxes before and I think it is such a good idea to give a free first box to new tryers

    Love your blog!
    I have nominated you for a Liebster award
    Rachel x

    1. it is really is!
      there sooo nice :)

      and thank you! will defo post about it sometime this week!