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By Laura Thornberry - 14:40

One of the hottest and newest trends in the SS13 fashion world, monochrome is developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one colour, to portray quite a bold, visual statement, which will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. 

We've seen a huge burst of this trend everywhere, in pretty much every shop you can think of, and for my picks, I've chosen 3 High Street Stores; Topshop, New Look and River Island, and chosen a small range of items from each of these, to create a slight moodboard of my top picks for this trend. I've chosen quite a few formal pieces of clothing which is the main focus of the monochrome trend, however I have also found a number of casual pieces, shoes and accessories that also incorporate this trend.

Topshop Monochrome Fashion
Striped Grid Cross Treggings £28
Spot Print Straight Trousers £42
Letter Print Sweat Top £34
Smoking Hem Blouse by Sister Jane £52
Worn Shaped Aztec Vest £12
Sleeveless Stripe Shell Top £28
Plastic And Stone Collar £20

Topshop have a very more formal collection in there monochrome trend category, with some stunning, stand out pieces, perfect for any occasion. It may be on the more pricey and expensive side, yet choosing a few key pieces for this trend for you wardrobe, will definitely be worth it for this years spring/summer!
New Look Monochrome Fashion
White Paisley Print Peplum Top £14.99
Gold Monochrome Tube Chain Necklace £7.99
Black 2 in 1 Stripe T-Shirt Dress £19.99
Black Tribal Insert Rounded Cage Wedges £27.99
Black Floral Print Tapered Leg Trousers £16.99
Black and White Snake Print Bow Across Body Bag £12.99
Yumi Black Bird Print Blazer £54.99
Limited Black Suede Buckle Wedge Ankle Boots  £49.99
Black Floral Lace Back Open Front Cardigan  £14.99

From the New Look website, I've chosen a selection of pieces that suit this monochrome trend, that are quite cute and girly, with a gorgeous array of prints and patterns, that are perfect for this years spring/summer. New Look have a very affordable price range for all there clothing, and is available to all shapes and sizes, which makes it a perfect store for everyone!

River Island Monochrome Fashion
Black and White Chunky Stripe Crop Top £20
Black and White Stripe Clip Top Purse £17
Black Print Sleeveless Aztec Cut Out Dress £30
Black and White Sheer Skull Print Shirt £30
Cream Contrast Trim Bow Dolly Blouse £20
Gold Tone Striped Anchor Short Necklace  £6
Black Long Sleeved Piped Shirt £35
Cream Bonded Lace Structured Peplum Jacket £45

River Island have some absolutely gorgeous pieces in for this years spring/summer, and many of these items fit under this monochrome trend. They have some very gorgeous, versatile pieces that carry both a casual and formal sense of style, perfect for any time of the day! Out of all the 3 High Street shops I featured, I think River Island definitely has the best selection of Monochrome pieces and all great value for money.

Are you a fan of this trend? Have you already got some monochrome pieces in your wardrobe for this spring/summer? What piece is your favourite from my picks? Would you purchase any of them? Do you like this new style post? Would you like to see me post about other spring/summer trends?

Please leave your comments and suggestions, I read and reply to all of them I get! Have a nice day!

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  1. I love the monochrome trend but I still gravitate towards the bright colours and pastel colours for spring and summer! I will definitely be pairing a monochrome blouse with some bright jeans or something like that!
    I really love how you did this post! would love to see more :)

    Caitlin xx


    1. it is definitely easy to incorporate both these ideas!
      i love both the monochrome and also the bright and pastel spring colours, so easy to put an outfit together with these!
      thank you very much, i wasn't too sure on what people would think but im glad you liked it. hopefully i shall be able to follow with a few others


  2. going to be investing in the peplum top from new look soon woo!
    lovely post xxx

    1. thank you very much!
      defo post about it if you get it :)


  3. Great post! :)


  4. I love those wedge sandals! Very cute, last year I almost got myself a similar pair from Nine West but I was too broke :( This summer it is definitely a must have!

    1. there so gorgeous!
      literally will go with ANY outfit!