An Introduction into Online Fashion Brand Stylight

Hello everyone! Today's post is going to be something different for you all, where I want to introduce you to a website that I found out about recently as I received an email informing me of this website. STYLIGHT is an online fashion community based in Germany, that has such a vast database of current and on trend fashion items. Very similar to the likes of Pinterest, Polyvore and WeHeartIt, it's really quick and easy to become a part of STYLIGHT community. All you have to do is just sign up, make an online account and you're ready to go.  
stylight mood board
The whole idea of this site is to combine images together and turning those combinations into awesome moodboards, which can also be personalized with quotes, videos and music, as well as building moodboards around your own outfits. STYLIGHT allows you to share your style through Facebook, Twitter or Blogs, as well as hearting your favourite items, other users who inspire you and the moodboards of other users.

Another part of STYLIGHT all of the items featured click through to a website where you can buy items instantly from one of the shops featured on our website. STYLIGHT also have a online magazine/blog where they keep you up-to-date about all the latest trends, as well as plenty of bloggers use STYLIGHT, so you can check out their boards for inspiration.

In my own opinion, from using STYLIGHT, it's given me so much style inspiration and it has allowed me to discover other peoples fashion styles and tastes that I can incorporate into my own style.  I think Stylight is a great concept and so simple to use, where it's all about gaining inspiration and inspiring other fashion lovers.It's definitely something I'm going to continue using! You can follow STYLIGHT on Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to keep up to date with all things fashion related.

Have you heard of STYLIGHT? Do you have your own STYLIGHT account? Is it something you may consider checking out after reading my post?

** Disclaimer- Image taken from the STYLIGHT website

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