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Today I have a first impressions review of some skin care samples that I kindly received via Senzimi.  If you haven't heard about Senzimi, here's a little information. 
Senzimi Skincare
They are unisex skin care company whose products are targeted towards those with dry, irritated or sensitive skin. The range of products they have to offer have between 90 – 99% natural ingredients, that can be used as part of a skin and scalp cleansing, nourishing and protection routine. There brand focuses on giving sufferers the opportunity to have a daily skin and hair care routine, using products on their skin that won’t further irritate it. 
Senzimi Skincare
So lets go into what products they have to offer and what they help with. Senzimi currently offer a range of 4 products in there naturals collection; a cleanser, a moisturiser, a shampoo and a conditioner, perfect for those with allergies, dryness or irritation of the skin or scalp.
  • Senzimi Cleanser* - "This luxurious, effective yet mild cleansing cream has been formulated especially for people with dry, sensitive and troublesome skin. This is a 95% natural product that combines excellent mild cleansing action and usability with superior conditioning, soothing and healing power, so your skin not only looks great, but also feels great."
  • Senzimi Moisturiser* - "This light and easily absorbed natural moisturiser has been formulated especially for people with dry, sensitive and troublesome skin. This is a product that really works for you. Containing some of the best natural active ingredients available on the market today, and also having a pH that matches that of the skin means it will work in synergy with your skin."
  • Senzimi Shampoo - "This mild sulphate free shampoo is ideal for people with dry and sensitive scalps and damaged normal to thick weight of hair. This is a 95.47% natural product that combines excellent cleansing action and usability without irritating your scalp."
  • Senzimi Conditioner* - "This rich yet mild 90.45% natural conditioner has been formulated with three functions in mind. Firstly to repair and strengthen damaged hair, secondly to condition and improve the appearance and feel of hair, leaving you to style and colour as you wish, and thirdly to condition, protect, soothe and heal sensitive scalp."Senzimi Skincare
The product samples I kindly got sent from Senzimi were there cleanser, moisturiser and conditioner, all of which I have tried and tested and feel I can give a good enough review of each!
  • The Senzimi cleanser* was probably my favourite out of the samples I have received and I have really enjoyed using it as part of my everyday skin care routine. The cleanser contains soothing aloe, chamomile and jojoba which are all natural products that help keep the skin looking soft and plump. I used this cleanser after I had taken off all my make up with a micellar water, smooth it all over my face and removed with warm water, to make sure my skin was totally free of make up and removed all the dirt. From my first use of this product, I felt like my skin was left so soft and smooth, as well as glowing and definitely helped to soothe my skin of any redness! Also, this product helps to cleanse clogged pores of oil and dead skin cells, and helps restore the skin’s natural pH balance! 
  • The Senzimi moisturiser* was also a nice product to use, combined with the cleanser, it does work quite well. This moisturiser is packed full of gorgeous natural ingredients such as Cucumber Extract, Aloe Vera, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil and Oat Extract which all contribute into cooling, healing and hydrating the skin, which is perfect for those with sensitive skin! After using this product a few times, I had noticed a difference in my skin, leaving it smooth, soft, shiny and revitalized which was lovely to see! This moisturiser sinks into the skin really quickly and feels really cooling upon the skin, whilst leaving no greasy or oily residue!
  • Finally, the Senzimi conditioner*, a lovely product for the hair, I wouldn't say that I have a dry or irritated scalp, but I did like using this product a lot. This conditioner definitely helps to strengthen my hair as well as protect and soothe the scalp, and leaves it looking and feeling lovely! This conditioner includes Vitamin B12 and Wheat proteins that are beneficial for repairing dry and damaged hair, as well as improving the appearance and feel of hair, which it certainly did!
Have you heard of Senzimi before? Do you like natural skin care products? Is this something you would like to test out?

ad* | PR samples sent for product review. All opinions are 100% honest

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