Current Hair Care Heroes #1

So, I've seen lots and lots of bloggers post about their favourite products of 2013, including there favourite and most used hair care products, instead of jumping on that bandwagon, I've wanted to share with you all my Current Hair Care Heroes. When I had come up with the idea of this post, I did realise that I do actually use quite a few hair products, so I have split this little guide into two separate posts.

My hair is naturally quite thick and wavy, sometimes dry,  as well as being long ( below my shoulders), so keeping it looking strong and healthy can be quite the chore. But I think I have found some great, affordable products that help tame and nourish my hair! (products were bought in either Boots or Superdrug) So let's get started with part 1, and take a look at my styling and protecting products!

Haircare Heroes
(Products from left to right)
THIS ONE Light Hair Oil
This is the first sort of hair oil I have ever used, and after getting through quite a lot of the product, I am very impressed with how nourished, shiny and healthy my hair looks and feels. This oil is very lightweight and very smoothing on the hair, so you don't get product build up, tames frizz and fly aways, as well as helps to strengthen and moisturise the hair. I generally use this oil on freshly washed hair, when its 90% dry, on the lengths and the ends, to help prevent dryness, split ends and frizz, and it seems to work a treat!

THIS ONE Light Hair Oil contains a blend various oils, including, Moroccan Argan Oil, Brazilian Pequi Oil and Jojoba Oil, which helps to protect, nourish, maintain shine and improve frizz and smoothness of your hair. The packaging is simple and practical, featuring a gorgeous deep purple colour, very lightweight and easily transportable, perfect for those going away on holiday or weekends away. The bottle features a pump, which is perfect for depositing the right amount to use on your hair, so there's no waste and it doesn't spill everywhere. The oil has a lovely, pleasant smell. It has a gorgeous sweet and slightly nutty scent, which is a lovely feature as some hair care oils can smell quite chemically or just not very nice in general. 

As for if I would repurchase this hair oil again, I've been very impressed with how its helped to keep my hair nourished and moisturised. Its very long lasting, as you only need 1 or 2 pumps, and it smells great. Another great feature is that all THIS ONE's hair products are suitable for all hair types, as well as coloured hair, so I'm sure you'll find something you love from the range. As I previously said, this is the first hair oil that I've used, so I would definitely like to try others, but THIS ONE has definitely become a hair care hero!

THIS ONE Blow Dry Spray
I only bought this product 1 or 2 months ago, but it has definitely helped with the maintenance of my hair. I've never used a blow dry spray before, so I literally had no idea what to expect, but again I've been impressed with this product. THIS ONE Blow Dry Spray is a lightweight heat protection, that helps keep your hair protected for up to 220°C, perfect for those times you want to straighten or curl your hair, and obviously blow dry. This Blow Dry Spray also helps to tame frizz, helps strengthen and smooth, without weighing your hair down, or causing any product build up.

THIS ONE Blow Dry Spray contains a blend of conditioning ingredients, including Rice Bran Oil which is known to protect hair against dryness and damage, as well as Wheat Protein, Panthenol and a UV filter. Similar to the Hair Oil, the bottle is a great size for travelling, again features the gorgeous purple colour, and has a gorgeous sweet, slightly floral scent to it. I generally use this spray on freshly washed hair, when its 90% dry, spray through the lengths of my hair, as well as a little spray on the roots to help add a little volume.

This product definitely is worth trying out! Its so affordable, long lasting, smells gorgeous and helps to maintain, protect, nourish and add some volume to your hair. Again, this product is suitable for all hair types and coloured hair, so if you haven't ever tried a Blow Dry Spray before, I'd recommend you try this product! As this is the first Blow Dry Spray I've used, its not something that you generally need to include in your hair care routine, but I have really noticed a difference in my hairs appearance since using this!

TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray
I've been using this Heat Defence Styling Spray for years, I have tried quite a few over the years, but this is something I always go back to, as it is great for keeping your hair protecting when straightening or curling, up to 230°C! I've recently finished my full size, large bottle of this, which you can find here, so having to use up all my travel size miniatures at the moment! This Heat Defence spray also helps to smooth any frizz and enhance/seal in shine!

I like to use the TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray on freshly washed, damp hair, making sure I spray liberally from root to tip, making sure all my hair is covered, ready for any heat styling. With using this product for such a long time, I have noticed my hair is less dry, less brittle and I haven't seen as much brittleness and split ends. Again, having the little travel size bottle is great for travelling, its lightweight and just practical! travel size bottles are also great for trying out new products and seeing how you get on with them. As for the smell of the spray, it definitely smells like a hair product. Its not a smell that I personally love, I find it can be quite harsh and overwhelming, but I am willing to pursue with it,  as I know it works for my hair!

Overall, if you're looking for a reliable and affordable Heat Defence Spray that actually does what its meant to, I would definitely recommend this one. It helps to protect your hair from any heat damage and helps to keep your hair silky soft and shiny, even after straightening, blow drying and curling!

TRESemmé  Superior Hold Touchable Finish Hair Spray
Another travel sized product, that I absolutely adore. Once we've washed, dried and styled our locks, we all look for that hairspray to keep the style looking neat and tidy, long lasting and non sticky, and for me this is the perfect one!

I'm not someone who uses hairspray all the time, mainly if I'm going out and need my hair to look good, but I always like to use one that leaves my hair feeling soft and like there's no product in it. So this one is a winner for me, its quick drying, leaves your hair feeling light and not crispy and dry, and lasts all night! It also protects against humidity, frizz and fly-aways, and easily brushes out so you're not left with nasty, crispy hair!

As I previously said, I don't use hairspray that often, so a travel size bottle is a great product to have with me. Its small and practical for carrying around on a day to day basis! I've never had a problem with this hairspray and really like this one, so a definite recommendation would be in order! If you're someone who uses it everyday, I'm pretty sure it comes in a larger size bottle, so that would suit your needs better!

TRESemmé Split Remedy Leave in Treatment
Yet again, another TRESemmé product! This is something I've been using for around 4-5 months, and so far no problems and it seems to be preventing my hair from split ends! Its a lightweight sort of creamy formula, that I pump and massage into the ends of my hair, which just helps to protect and nourish your hair, to prevent breakage and damage.

Since using this product, I have noticed that the ends of my hair are less dry and brittle, much more smooth and silky than before. The product isn't greasy or oily, and smells lovely also! I simply massage a couple of pumps in freshly washed hair before blow drying and this seems to add moisture to my hair and make my hair more manageable and soft.

Its not a product that is really something that is a must have in a hair care routine, I think it just helps to keep your hair manageable and protected. It helps to protect and prevent your hair from any split ends and helps to keep your hair silky soft and shiny.

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Lightweight Conditioning Spray
I absolutely love Aussie products, so this one is just one of my all time favourites! This conditioning spray basically helps to protect and detangle your hair after washing. It helps to get rid of any knots or tangles, whilst nourishing and strengthening your hair.

Like all Aussie products, this spray smells absolutely lovely! It contains Australian Jojoba Seed Oil, which is great for your hair, as it helps to protect your hair from everyday wear and tear, as well as detangling when brushing!  The simple spray pump helps you evenly distribute the product evenly throughout your hair, and is just so simple and quick to use. I simply use this after I've washed my hair, and its slightly dry, then spritz all over and comb through.

I absolutely loves this! I've gone through so many bottles! This product definitely is worth trying out, it's so affordable, smells gorgeous and helps to maintain, protect and nourish your hair! Aussie products are usually on special offers all the time, so this is just a product worth getting!

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo
Pretty sure this is nearly every blogger's favourite product, and its something that is literally a miracle worker! For someone with long hair, this dry shampoo comes in handy as you can last a couple more days before you need to wash your hair, which is great, as washing your hair too often can be damaging! I'd never really heard of dry shampoos before I started blogging, so discovering this has literally changed my hair care!

Batiste is so quick and easy to use, it helps to refresh and revitalise your hair inbetween washes, helps to remove any grease or oils, to help create a clean and fresh look, with some added volume and texture! So simple to use, simply spritz it over your roots, brush it through and you're good to go! You just have to be sure not to spray it too close or brush it thoroughly as it can leave your hair looking a little white.

There are various sizes you can purchase of this product which is great, as you can keep the smaller size in your handbag when you're on the go, and spritz in your hair when you need a little touch up! There are a variety of scents of the dry shampoo which is great if you're not a fan of the tropical scent, very reminiscent of a holiday sort of scent, smells of coconut that I absolutely love! So overall, I think this product is amazing! Definite repurchase! Everyone needs to own a can of this!

So there we have my current hair care heroes, that I use to style and protect my hair with! I do tend to stick to the same or similar products or brands, as I know that it seems to work with my hair and I like the smell/effects it gives to me.

I will be doing a similar post, where I shall be sharing my Hair Care Heroes that I use to wash, condition or treat my hair! So look out for that one!

What are your hair care heroes? What hair styling products are you currently using and loving? Have you tried any of the products I have featured today? Would you be interested in trying any I have featured?

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