The following statements are part of my disclaimer for all content on www.lthornberry.co.uk. 

-I want to be 100% transparent with all the content I produce and will always mention whether something is gifted or part of a paid sponsorship. This will not affect my opinion on the brand or products, as my thoughts are always 100% honest.
-On the occasion I accept gifted items from brands it will be marked at the end of the post with an * and explanation.
- Any sponsored posts or affiliate links will also be marked and details left at the end of the post. 
- I will only accept products from brands that I would buy myself or I am genuinely interested in and will use. 
- Gifted products does not always guarantee exposure on www.lthornberry.co.uk . If you require a post for the product please contact me beforehand and we can discuss this. 

If you would like to work with me, please email lauraa_x@hotmail.co.uk to request my media kit.

Last updated 09.02.2021