So with England's weather still rubbish as always, I found it incredibly hard to take some new outfit photo's to share with you all...

OTTD - All Day, All Night

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So with England's weather still rubbish as always, I found it incredibly hard to take some new outfit photo's to share with you all today! I had planned to take some outside, for a change of scenery, but as usual it was pouring with rain and terribly windy and I seem to have misplaced my camera charger, so had to resort back to my Iphone.

For this OOTD, I wanted to create something that you could wear throughout the day, as well as for a night out, although you may want to change up the shoes and have more of a dramatic make up look. In keeping with my own personal style, I have gone for something quite casual and comfortable, but still very stylish and practical!

Also in this OOTD, I am sharing with you two pieces that were kindly sent to me by La Redoute, who wanted me to share with you all some of there new pieces from there SS14 collection. I'd never heard of La Redoute before, as they are a French fashion/style company, but on receiving the two items, I was genuinely please with what I had been sent and couldn't wait to put them on and create an OOTD.

"La Redoute makes French style accessible to all - with stylish looks and timeless pieces - plus guidance and advice on how to look good. You get a great choice of clothes that fit well and flatter - the way only the French seem to know how. "

La Redoute OOTD

La Redoute OOTD

La Redoute OOTD

La Redoute OOTD

La Redoute OOTD

La Redoute OOTD

 Leather Jacket - c/o La Redoute*
Striped Top - c/o La Redoute*
Disco Leggings - Ebay
Burgundy Vans - Very
Necklace - New Look
Midi Rings - Primark
Cross Ring - Topshop

As I previously stated, La Redoute kindly sent me two of the items I have featured in today's post, and as well as sharing with you what they look like and how I would style them, I also wanted to give them a little review to let you know what I thought.

First of all is the gorgeous Leather Jacket! I had no idea that this was being sent to me, so when it got delivered, I was really surprised! I currently own 3 leather jackets, as I feel they are a great outerwear piece that you can wear both on formal or casual occasions, making the so versatile and stylish. What I loved about this leather jacket is that I felt it fitted so well and really suited by body shape. I also thought all the detailing that covered the jacket was really cool and different, the perforated inserts along the front and the studded hardwear really give this jacket an edgy vibe that I really like. Its really comfortable to wear and it is definitely something I shall be wearing throughout Spring and Summer.

I was also sent a lovely Long Sleeve Striped Top, that I actually chose from there website myself. I absolutely love striped tops, they suit all shapes and sizes and I feel that they are such a great staple piece in anyone's wardrobe. What attracted me to this specific top was the gorgeous lace detailing along the top and the striking neon yellow stripe underneath, to give the piece a vibrant splash of colour. Personally, this top was slightly a little too cropped/fell to an awkward length for me, but when paired with the high waisted disco pants, this wasn't a problem and I actually loved how it looked.

What are your thoughts on my OOTD? Would you style the pieces from La Redoute differently? Have you heard of/shopped at La Redoute before? 

* Items sent for consideration of review to showcase new SS14 collection.
* All opinions are 100% my own.


I've wanted to share with you all my Current Hair Care Heroes. When I had come up with the idea of this post, I did realise that I do a...

Current Hair Care Heroes #2

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I've wanted to share with you all my Current Hair Care Heroes. When I had come up with the idea of this post, I did realise that I do actually use quite a few hair products, so I have split this little guide into two separate posts. You can view the first part of my Hair Care Heroes here, where I share my current go to styling and protecting products.

My hair is naturally quite thick and wavy, sometimes dry,  as well as being long ( below my shoulders), so keeping it looking strong and healthy can be quite the chore. But I think I have found some great, affordable products that help tame and nourish my hair!

So lets get started with part 2, and take a look at my shampoos, conditioners and treatments!

Haircare Heroes
Products from left to right

Naked Rescue Repairing Hair Treatment
I was kindly gifted this product through a blogger's secret santa as one of my presents, and I absolutely love it! The treatment comes in a 20ml size sachet, and I find this is the perfect amount to cover my long hair. I wouldn't say my hair is frizzy or damaged, as this treatment is specially for, but this makes such a difference to my hair after use. It's 97% natural, containing Argan Oil, Meadowfoam and Sunflower Seed extracts, helping to prevent hair breakage and dryness.

I simply use this after I have washed my hair, and apply the contents of the sachet evenly throughout my hair, to make sure its all covered. Sometimes to help, I gently comb the treatment through my hair so I know its evenly distributed. I then like to leave the treatment to work for 15-30 minutes, depending on how much time I have. Then I simply rinse it out, and finish with a cold rinse to help boost shine.

Overall, I was really happy to receive this product and love how it treats my hair. After use, it makes my hair look so soft and sleek, nourished and replenished! Unfortunately, I don't have any left, so I need to find out where to get the! But I would recommend this 100%, even if you hair isn't frizzy or damaged, it works a treat!

Headmasters SOS Moisture Shampoo
I received this free with a order I made with, and I've nearly used it up, so so far its been good to use. I don't usually use salon shampoos, but the Headmasters one has had quite an effect on my hair, in a good way! I use this shampoo when my hair really needs a treat and some real looking after!

This is a great shampoo if you're someone who uses heat on their hair quite frequently, as this helps to add moisture and nourishment to dry, damaged hair. With added Macadamia Nut Oil, this helps to mainly prevent breakage, as well as protecting and softening the hair. The only thing that sometimes puts me off is the smell. Salon shampoos have quite a pungent, strong smell, which if used to regularly can be quite over powering and cause product build up, but the smell doesn't really put me off. Its still a lovely shampoo to use and really cleanses my hair well.

Overall, I think this is a great shampoo at adding moisture to the hair. It cleanses the hair well, and always gives me that "just out the hairdressers look". I often blow dry my hair so this is a great shampoo that helps to protect from heat damage. Its just a good shampoo to use, on rotation with others, as this helps to keep your hair healthy and helps growth.

Headmasters SOS Moisture Conditioner
I received this free with a order I made with, and its a really lovely, moisturising conditioner. The conditioner is so soft and creamy, and really boosts your hairs condition, even after just one use!

Perfect for those who use a lot of heat styling on there hair, as this helps to protect and prevent any damage, with its added Macadamia Nut Oil, which is a great natural hair product ingredient. I mainly like to use this conditioner on the ends of my hair, as this is where I see the most dryness and is the main area that needs extra moisture and attention. It smells very similar to the shampoo, but on a less intense level, so its a lot nicer to use.

This is a lovely conditioner to use, its helps prevent damage whilst adding moisture to the hair. It helps to protect from heat damage and really makes my hair soft and shiny after use, as well as more manageable and stronger.

THIS ONE Replenishment Treatment
This is something I picked up a few months ago, after receiving a sample of the treatment with a Superdrug order I placed, and since then I absolutely love it. The replenishment treatment is basically a hair mask that helps to boost your hairs shine, radiance and softness, which for me it does all of that.

This is a product that I would use maybe a few times a month, for when I just want to improve the appearance and feel of my hair. It contains Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Black Oat Extracts, which all help to make your hair much softer and glossy, helping to boost its healthiness and moisture. I like to use this after washing my hair, towel drying it slightly and applying a generous amount throughout my hair and leaving to work its magic for up to 20 minutes, then rinsing out. It has quite a thick, creamy like texture, which I kind of prefer in a hair mask. It smells quite weird, but not in a disgusting way, I just cant describe it, its quite creamy, sweet, buttery and oily, buts its not unpleasant.

THIS ONE is a new brand that I have discovered, and from the products I have tested so far, I am super impressed. All there products are so affordable and have really helped to improve the health and strength of my hair, as well as the appearance. THIS ONE's products are suitable for all hair types, and even coloured hair! If you're looking to try out a new hair mask that's purse friendly, head on down to your local Superdrug and pick up this!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment
This is definitely a miracle hair care product that I own. I've been using the 3 minute miracle for years and its never let me down. There's so many versions of this, I usually go for the luscious long or take the heat, as I feel these suit my hair type best.

I like to use this with my Aussie Shampoo, and apply this treatment mainly to the lengths and ends of my hair, as this is where I see the most "damage" and area that needs the most attention. Simply work the treatment through, and leave for 3 minutes! If you want a deeper treatment, I sometimes leave this for 10-15 minutes, depending on the condition of my hair or when I used a hair mask last, as well as the colder months, as your hair can get damaged easier due to the weather. The 3 minute miracle treatment contains Australian Jojoba Seed Oil, which is a natural product that smells absolutely DELICIOUS, that is great at repairing and protecting the hair!

Over the years, I've gone through so many bottles of this! It is just a great hair care product and I would recommend this to everyone. Its great as a conditioner and hair mask treatment, and the Aussie range have a suitable product for all hair types. Its super affordable, around the £5 mark, long lasting and is available everywhere! I usually pick mine up in Boots or Superdrug, but it's also available in most supermarkets and online. So if you're looking for a new hair treatment, then give this one a go, its one of my all time favourites!

Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo
I've been using Aussie hair care products for so long, that I think I've tried nearly every one of there shampoos, and this seems to be my favourite. This particular shampoo is a great volume booster for all hair types, especially fine or flat hair. Its a great lightweight shampoo that contains Australian Hops and Aloe Vera, that helps to leave your hair soft and healthy, as well voluminous and full!

One thing about Aussie products that always has me coming back is the smell! Every single product of there's smells absolutely gorgeous! It lathers up really nicely and really leaves your hair looking and feeling clean and fresh. My hair is always so soft after using this shampoo and it definitely is one my my heroes!

Aussie products are always such good value for money, so affordable and have separate ranged for all hair types. The volume shampoo is one of my favourites and something I always repurchase. I only have a little but left of this bottle, so a sneaky trips to the shops is in order!

So there we have my current hair care heroes, that I use to shampoo, condition and treat my hair with! I do tend to stick to the same or similar products or brands, as I know that it seems to work with my hair and I like the smell/effects it gives to me.

What are your hair care heroes? What hair shampoo/conditioner/treatment products are you currently using and loving? Have you tried any of the products I have featured today? Would you be interested in trying any I have featured?


Hello lovely readers of Laura's blog!  My name is also Laura and I am the writer of  beauty2couture  a beauty, fashion and so...

Guest Post - My Top 3 Products on My January Wishlist

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Hello lovely readers of Laura's blog! 

My name is also Laura and I am the writer of beauty2couture a beauty, fashion and sometimes lifestyle blog.  I am 18 years old and a typical girly girl currently living in Scotland. I absolutely love makeup and have a severe shopping problem, so I thought I would put my passions for beauty and fashion to good use by starting my little blog. I have been blogging for a year now and have loved every second of it. I love being a part of the beauty blogging community! Everyone is so lovely and I adore reading comments that are left on my posts. I hope that if you stop by my blog you enjoy it and I'd love if you'd leave a comment if you do!

The lovely Laura was looking for fellow bloggers to guest post on her blog and I jumped at the chance having never done anything like this before. I thought for my post I would do 'My Top 3 Products' which I am currently lusting after and are on my wish list. Since it is January and most people (including myself) are supposedly on spending ban's I am sure that wish list's have began to grow... I know mines certainly has! I thought I'd share with you a drugstore, middle end and high end product that I am resisting the urge to buy at the moment. So without further a do, let's jump into my Top 3 Products!

Drugstore: Maybelline Baby Lips | £2.99

I have heard so much about these little bad boy's over the past few months but have resisted the urge to pick one up (pat on the back for me). I don't, however, think I am going to last much longer as I have popped these on my wish list. Since it has been colder I think it is justifiable that I purchase a new lip product that will moisturise my lips and keep them in tip top condition. The packaging is also very cute and would look rather nice sitting in my bag! I think I will have to get one next time I am in Boots but I cannot decide between 'Cherry Me' and 'Pink Punch'. If you have either please do let me know which to go for. I am sure that if I do finally get my hands on one of these little beauties that I will tell you all my thoughts in a post, so keep your eyes peeled!

Middle End: Stila In the Light Palette | £25.00

Okay, okay so this probably is not a purchase that has to be made right this minute (I only just got my hands on the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette) but it really is a beautiful palette and one I am sure I would make good use of. I love all of the shadows and they are definitely shades that I would wear, I am a great lover of the neutral smoked out eye look. The packaging is also very pretty. My argument for getting this would be that a girl can never have too many palettes, right?

Highend: YSL Glossy Stain (Rose Tempera) | £23.50

I have had my eye on this lip product for ages now but I have never bucked up the courage to buy one. They are quite highly priced for a lip stain which is why I am yet to purchase one but they really do look amazing. Firstly the packaging is gorgeous (all of YSL packaging always is) I love the gold lid against the black tube, which has a small rectangular window which allows you to see the shade inside. I have swatched the colours several times and have decided that if I do fork out the cash for one it'll be in the shade Rose Tempera, which for those of you who already read my blog would know is a deep pink shade (my fave). I think it's about time that I treated myself to one of these, plus I think it would look very pretty sitting in my lip holder on my vanity!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and possibly got some ideas for your January Wish list! If you want to see more posts like this be sure to come have a wee look at my blog!

Love Laura

What beauty products are on your current wishlist? Do you own any of these 3 products? Which product would you most like to have?


After seeing so many Lush hauls and blog posts, I thought it was about time I tried out this stuff for the first time. I had NEVER been i...

My First Lush Haul

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After seeing so many Lush hauls and blog posts, I thought it was about time I tried out this stuff for the first time. I had NEVER been into a Lush Store before, I had browsed on the website a few times, but never made an order. I just didn't see why it was so popular, until I received my first order in the post...

Lush Haul

When placing my order, I didn't want to go TOO overboard, just incase I didn't like the products or didn't really use them etc. But here's hoping that the products I chose were ones that I would love!

Here's what I ordered..

Lush Bath Bombs
First up, we have some of the bath bombs. These are what I knew I wanted to try! They have so many amazing coloured and scented ones, I could have spent hours trying to choose which ones I wanted! But in the end, I opted for 3!

"Once you drop this into your bath, Space Girl crackles with space dust (popping candy) as it spins around your orbit, restoring your good cheer.  Grapefruit oil is refreshing and uplifting for the mood, clarifying and toning the skin, while bergamot makes you feel relaxed and mildly euphoric."

"As the white outer layer of Dragon’s Egg fizzes into a light, creamy foam, it releases a drift of dissolving dragon’s scales (rice paper confetti) and crackling popping candy. As its golden inner core is revealed, your bathwater is transformed into a shimmering amber. Its bergamot and citrus scents leave you feeling transformed and invigorated, so perfect for a morning bath."

"This bath bomb, named after the ruler of the Pagan Feast of Fools, has a strange and magnificent fragrance created by Gorilla Perfumer Simon Constantine. This bomb will slowly dissolve to reveal a wine coloured centre, with the added sweetness of the world’s first fair trade vanilla absolute, perfectly balanced by the earthy scents of black pepper and patchouli oil."

Lush Bubble Bars
When I was browsing at other products on the website, I came across the bubble bars, and thought these would be so cool and fun to use! As I had no idea how to use them, I purchased the following 2, to see how I would get on with these.

"This melts into your bathwater, turning the water sky-blue, dotted with foam clouds. Patchouli is used as a relaxant by aromatherapists, while frankincense and cinnamon leaf oil add spicy, deep tones to the calming scent."

"You’ll soon see how kind this is to thirsty skin when this is crumbled into the bathwater: Creamy Candy contains almond oil and butter chunks that melt onto the surface of the water, giving skin a velvety texture. Fair Trade vanilla absolute gives the bar its sweet smell."

Lush Face Cleanser
And finally, I bought one of the cleansing mask packs. I'd heard so many bloggers review and rave about this mask, that I wanted to try it out for myself. 

"You can use this mask anywhere. There’s mineral rich kaolin to nourish, honey for its antibacterial properties, and we used just the right amount of peppermint oil to stimulate the blood cells just under the surface of your skin so that this mask will leave your skin looking bright and refreshed."

Have you purchased anything from Lush recently? What are your favourite products? Which products would you recommend to me?


So, I've seen lots and lots of bloggers post about there favourite products of 2013, including there favourite and most used hair care ...

Current Hair Care Heroes #1

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So, I've seen lots and lots of bloggers post about there favourite products of 2013, including there favourite and most used hair care products, instead of jumping on that bandwagon, I've wanted to share with you all my Current Hair Care Heroes. When I had come up with the idea of this post, I did realise that I do actually use quite a few hair products, so I have split this little guide into two separate posts.

My hair is naturally quite thick and wavy, sometimes dry,  as well as being long ( below my shoulders), so keeping it looking strong and healthy can be quite the chore. But I think I have found some great, affordable products that help tame and nourish my hair! (products were bought in either Boots or Superdrug)

So lets get started with part 1, and take a look at my styling and protecting products!

Haircare Heroes
(Products from left to right)
THIS ONE Light Hair Oil
This is the first sort of hair oil I have ever used, and after getting through quite a lot of the product, I am very impressed with how nourished, shiny and healthy my hair looks and feels. This oil is very lightweight and very smoothing on the hair, so you don't get product build up, tames frizz and fly aways, as well as helps to strengthen and moisturise the hair. I generally use this oil on freshly washed hair, when its 90% dry, on the lengths and the ends, to help prevent dryness, split ends and frizz, and it seems to work a treat!

THIS ONE Light Hair Oil contains a blend various oils, including, Moroccan Argan Oil, Brazilian Pequi Oil and Jojoba Oil, which helps to protect, nourish, maintain shine and improve frizz and smoothness of your hair. The packaging is simple and practical, featuring a gorgeous deep purple colour, very lightweight and easily transportable, perfect for those going away on holiday or weekends away. The bottle features a pump, which is perfect for depositing the right amount to use on your hair, so there's no waste and it doesn't spill everywhere. The oil has a lovely, pleasant smell. It has a gorgeous sweet and slightly nutty scent, which is a lovely feature as some hair care oils can smell quite chemically or just not very nice in general. 

As for if I would repurchase this hair oil again, I've been very impressed with how its helped to keep my hair nourished and moisturised. Its very long lasting, as you only need 1 or 2 pumps, and it smells great. Another great feature is that all THIS ONE's hair products are suitable for all hair types, as well as coloured hair, so I'm sure you'll find something you love from the range. As I previously said, this is the first hair oil that I've used, so I would definitely like to try others, but THIS ONE has definitely become a hair care hero!

THIS ONE Blow Dry Spray
I only bought this product 1 or 2 months ago, but it has definitely helped with the maintenance of my hair. I've never used a blow dry spray before, so I literally had no idea what to expect, but again I've been impressed with this product. THIS ONE Blow Dry Spray is a lightweight heat protection, that helps keep your hair protected for up to 220°C, perfect for those times you want to straighten or curl your hair, and obviously blow dry. This Blow Dry Spray also helps to tame frizz, helps strengthen and smooth, without weighing your hair down, or causing any product build up.

THIS ONE Blow Dry Spray contains a blend of conditioning ingredients, including Rice Bran Oil which is known to protect hair against dryness and damage, as well as Wheat Protein, Panthenol and a UV filter. Similar to the Hair Oil, the bottle is a great size for travelling, again features the gorgeous purple colour, and has a gorgeous sweet, slightly floral scent to it. I generally use this spray on freshly washed hair, when its 90% dry, spray through the lengths of my hair, as well as a little spray on the roots to help add a little volume.

This product definitely is worth trying out! Its so affordable, long lasting, smells gorgeous and helps to maintain, protect, nourish and add some volume to your hair. Again, this product is suitable for all hair types and coloured hair, so if you haven't ever tried a Blow Dry Spray before, I'd recommend you try this product! As this is the first Blow Dry Spray I've used, its not something that you generally need to include in your hair care routine, but I have really noticed a difference in my hairs appearance since using this!

TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray
I've been using this Heat Defence Styling Spray for years, I have tried quite a few over the years, but this is something I always go back to, as it is great for keeping your hair protecting when straightening or curling, up to 230°C! I've recently finished my full size, large bottle of this, which you can find here, so having to use up all my travel size miniatures at the moment! This Heat Defence spray also helps to smooth any frizz and enhance/seal in shine!

I like to use the TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray on freshly washed, damp hair, making sure I spray liberally from root to tip, making sure all my hair is covered, ready for any heat styling. With using this product for such a long time, I have noticed my hair is less dry, less brittle and I haven't seen as much brittleness and split ends. Again, having the little travel size bottle is great for travelling, its lightweight and just practical! travel size bottles are also great for trying out new products and seeing how you get on with them. As for the smell of the spray, it definitely smells like a hair product. Its not a smell that I personally love, I find it can be quite harsh and overwhelming, but I am willing to pursue with it,  as I know it works for my hair!

Overall, if you're looking for a reliable and affordable Heat Defence Spray that actually does what its meant to, I would definitely recommend this one. It helps to protect your hair from any heat damage and helps to keep your hair silky soft and shiny, even after straightening, blow drying and curling!

TRESemmé  Superior Hold Touchable Finish Hair Spray
Another travel sized product, that I absolutely adore. Once we've washed, dried and styled our locks, we all look for that hairspray to keep the style looking neat and tidy, long lasting and non sticky, and for me this is the perfect one!

I'm not someone who uses hairspray all the time, mainly if I'm going out and need my hair to look good, but I always like to use one that leaves my hair feeling soft and like there's no product in it. So this one is a winner for me, its quick drying, leaves your hair feeling light and not crispy and dry, and lasts all night! It also protects against humidity, frizz and fly-aways, and easily brushes out so you're not left with nasty, crispy hair!

As I previously said, I don't use hairspray that often, so a travel size bottle is a great product to have with me. Its small and practical for carrying around on a day to day basis! I've never had a problem with this hairspray and really like this one, so a definite recommendation would be in order! If you're someone who uses it everyday, I'm pretty sure it comes in a larger size bottle, so that would suit your needs better!

TRESemmé Split Remedy Leave in Treatment
Yet again, another TRESemmé product! This is something I've been using for around 4-5 months, and so far no problems and it seems to be preventing my hair from split ends! Its a lightweight sort of creamy formula, that I pump and massage into the ends of my hair, which just helps to protect and nourish your hair, to prevent breakage and damage.

Since using this product, I have noticed that the ends of my hair are less dry and brittle, much more smooth and silky than before. The product isn't greasy or oily, and smells lovely also! I simply massage a couple of pumps in freshly washed hair before blow drying and this seems to add moisture to my hair and make my hair more manageable and soft.

Its not a product that is really something that is a must have in a hair care routine, I think it just helps to keep your hair manageable and protected. It helps to protect and prevent your hair from any split ends and helps to keep your hair silky soft and shiny.

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Lightweight Conditioning Spray
I absolutely love Aussie products, so this one is just one of my all time favourites! This conditioning spray basically helps to protect and detangle your hair after washing. It helps to get rid of any knots or tangles, whilst nourishing and strengthening your hair.

Like all Aussie products, this spray smells absolutely lovely! It contains Australian Jojoba Seed Oil, which is great for your hair, as it helps to protect your hair from everyday wear and tear, as well as detangling when brushing!  The simple spray pump helps you evenly distribute the product evenly throughout your hair, and is just so simple and quick to use. I simply use this after I've washed my hair, and its slightly dry, then spritz all over and comb through.

I absolutely loves this! I've gone through so many bottles! This product definitely is worth trying out, it's so affordable, smells gorgeous and helps to maintain, protect and nourish your hair! Aussie products are usually on special offers all the time, so this is just a product worth getting!

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo
Pretty sure this is nearly every blogger's favourite product, and its something that is literally a miracle worker! For someone with long hair, this dry shampoo comes in handy as you can last a couple more days before you need to wash your hair, which is great, as washing your hair too often can be damaging! I'd never really heard of dry shampoos before I started blogging, so discovering this has literally changed my hair care!

Batiste is so quick and easy to use, it helps to refresh and revitalise your hair inbetween washes, helps to remove any grease or oils, to help create a clean and fresh look, with some added volume and texture! So simple to use, simply spritz it over your roots, brush it through and you're good to go! You just have to be sure not to spray it too close or brush it thoroughly as it can leave your hair looking a little white.

There are various sizes you can purchase of this product which is great, as you can keep the smaller size in your handbag when you're on the go, and spritz in your hair when you need a little touch up! There are a variety of scents of the dry shampoo which is great if you're not a fan of the tropical scent, very reminiscent of a holiday sort of scent, smells of coconut that I absolutely love! So overall, I think this product is amazing! Definite repurchase! Everyone needs to own a can of this!

So there we have my current hair care heroes, that I use to style and protect my hair with! I do tend to stick to the same or similar products or brands, as I know that it seems to work with my hair and I like the smell/effects it gives to me.

I will be doing a similar post, where I shall be sharing my Hair Care Heroes that I use to wash, condition or treat my hair! So look out for that one!

What are your hair care heroes? What hair styling products are you currently using and loving? Have you tried any of the products I have featured today? Would you be interested in trying any I have featured?


Hello Everyone! This is Jasmine and I am Fashion blogger at  .Thank you so much Laura for allowing me to do a ...

Guest Post - Shoes: Comfort, Style or Versatility?

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Hello Everyone! This is Jasmine and I am Fashion blogger at .Thank you so much Laura for allowing me to do a guest post on your blog. Today I am going to share my 3 favourite heels style and hope you all will love it. You can follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.

Whenever you are searching for the perfect high heels, you should do some research before you buy a pair of heels. This is my personal advice to you, because I did not do any research and here I am contributing my experiences! Seriously, sometimes one just spends and spends without thinking, just falling in love with every shoe you see. However, if you want to be wise, I have listed my favourite 3 pairs of high heels and you can get a fair idea of what you want to be looking for when shopping for high heels for ladies. I have not discriminated shoes by number one two or three; these are just my most loved high heels that I feel were worth the buy.

Usually one judges shoes by three factors, its comfort level, style and how versatile it is. The shoes listed below get full marks on each factor and I'll explain why in the review of high heels given below.

1. The first one on my list is Clark's Azizi Immy, which is a recent purchase and I really like it. When one thinks of Clark's, one thinks that it is meant for older women and men only. However, they have really upped their game and have started to make super comfortable shoes in modern designs as well. They like to keep their heels low because they make very comfortable shoes for women and believe that high heels will not make it comfy. However, I found this pair to be one of the few high heels they had and bought it promptly. It is a beautiful woman’s courts and it makes you walk with so much comfort you do not even feel like you are wearing heels. It has a thick metallic trimmed heel, which adds to the contemporary style and the black colour means I can wear it with most clothes and is versatile enough to be worn to office or a dinner date. With leather linings and soft cushioned inner lining, it is a luxurious shoe to wear.

2. Suede and high heels are a combination that wins my heart, any day, any time! While browsing online through the Garage Shoes heels collection, I came across this shoe and just fell for it. I ordered it online, fearing that it might not fit, might not be comfortable or might have some problem with it. However, when it arrived and when I wore it around a couple of times, it landed into the list of my favourite shoes. I love the metallic ankle strap that not only makes it sexier but also looks very modern. It has a gorgeous high heel and you just want to wear all you little black Dresses with this shoe because it looks fantastic. This shoe does not have a platform on the toe part which is also good because with high heels you get tired of the same look sometimes. It is comfortable, stylish and versatile but most importantly it is very reasonable!

3. When it comes to high heels, Dune is also a good brand because it has a variety of good formal high heels. The one high heel that has made it to my favourite closet is this one.

It is a wedding type, formal shoe but it's in this list again because it is very easy to wear, and it gets a lot of compliments whenever I wear them. It looks great with almost all of my dresses.

Which pair of shoes is your favourite? How would you style these?


Just a quick post sharing my music favourites of the week. I haven't shared one of these posts in a while so I hope you enjoy! ...

Most Listened Too #6

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Just a quick post sharing my music favourites of the week. I haven't shared one of these posts in a while so I hope you enjoy!

What have been you favourite songs recently? Do you like any that I have featured this week?


Even though I'm quite new to the whole idea of Grabble , but it definitely is something that I really like the concept of. It's s...

An Introduction to Grabble

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Even though I'm quite new to the whole idea of Grabble, but it definitely is something that I really like the concept of. It's so easy to create your own collections or wishlists, browsing through a large range of brands and trends, in one little website! 

Something I love about Grabble is the ease to look through products that suit your own personal style and how simple it is to share with other people, who can get inspired by the clothes you have "grabbed". You can also search for specific clothes items which is great idea for those who want to save time and  know exactly what they are looking for. 

Another feature I think is really useful is that you get sale alerts of items in your collection, instead of having to keep refreshing or updating, which saves you so much time! 

At the moment, I have created two collections on Grabble, which both reflect my own personal tastes and style choices. The first is my "Casual Style" collection, featuring items that I would wear on a day to day basis or just reflect my personal style. The second is my "Holiday Wishlist" collection, where I have grabbed items that again reflect my own style, but I feel would be great pieces for a trip abroad and some summer staples!

If you would like to have a further look at my choices or get some ideas, then my Grabble Profile is

If you've not discovered Grabble yet, I would really recommend having a browse of the website and even signing up! Its so quick and easy to use, as well as easy to share with your friends with Facebook or Twitter! If you do sign up, please let me know, and I'll have a browse of your collections!

Have you heard of Grabble before? Would it be something you would like to be involved with? What do you think of my collections? are you going to make your own collections?


Hello Everyone!   With over a year of blogging, and I haven't even reviewed what could possible be my favourite drugstore mascara?! ...

Review - Accessorize Volumising Mascara

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Hello Everyone! 
 With over a year of blogging, and I haven't even reviewed what could possible be my favourite drugstore mascara?! I have chosen to write about the Accessorize Volumising Mascara in Jet Black, as this is probably my favourite, go to, and most used mascaras and I have been using it for so many years, it's never let me down! You can pick up this mascara for £4.95 in Superdrug, which is such a bargain price, and I have repurchased it so many times because I think its the perfect mascara for me!

First of all, lets just admire how cool and quirky the packaging is! I absolutely love the leopard print and roses design that covers this mascara, its so bold and bright, and definitely helps you to find your mascara easily in your make up bag! Its quite a girly design, with a quite wild and sexy look! Even though Accessorize isn't a make up brand that has the same popularity as the likes of Bourjois, Rimmel or Sleek... but this mascara is probably the best mascara I have ever tried! 

I find that the brush on this mascara is the perfect size, which helps you to coat all the lashes, from root to tip, without any clumping or flaking, and also works really well at separating the lashes! It has a bristle type brush that gives just the right amount of product to apply, so no gloopy splodges on the end of the brush, and I feel that this really works well with my lashes.

As you can see from the above photo, this mascara is definitely a good one for giving your lashes a lengthening boost, which for someone with quite short lashes, is something I look for when choosing a mascara. Another bonus is that it is super quick and easy to remove - I normally use the L'oreal 3-1 Micellar Water on a cotton pad, and its removed in seconds!

This is what the mascara looks like just after one coat (excuse my messy brows), giving you quite a natural look, but with super long, volumised and black lashes! The mascara can easily be built up with more coats to give you a more dramatic eye look, without any clumping, which is perfect for a night out! I love that it really helps to open up and frame my eyes and make me look a lot more awake and alert!

So there we go, I have shared my thoughts on one of my all time favourite mascaras with you all! I hope you all liked reading my review and I would definitely recommend this mascara to all of you!

Have you tried this mascara before? What are your favourite mascaras? Would this be something you would like to try? What are your favourite Accessorize Products?


"At MyBeautyCompare beauty is personalised. It is the world's first personalised beauty e-commerce platform in the world. MyBe...

An Introduction to My Beauty Compare

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"At MyBeautyCompare beauty is personalised. It is the world's first personalised beauty e-commerce platform in the world. MyBeautyCompare was founded by Nidhima Kohli to enable women to find the best makeup and skin care products to suit their skin type through unbiased recommendations. The new website allows users to discover and compare beauty product prices for over 200,000 popular makeup, skin care, body, hair and fragrance products and brands to enable women to find the right products for them."

"My Beauty Compare" is the world's first beauty comparison site that searches for you where to buy a certain product for the cheapest price. Previously before hearing of this absolute genius of a website, I would usually spend ages trying to find if I can buy a product cheaper elsewhere, and now I've discovered "My Beauty Compare".. It does it all for me within seconds. Perfect right?!?

Its so quick and easy to get started, you simply enter your details to create an account, where you fill in a beauty profile which allows them to deliver to you personalised beauty matches that are tailored to your preferences from the details you included. There are over 150,000 different products, including Skin Care, Make Up, Body Care, Hands and Feet, Hair Care and Fragrances, so there is definitely something for everyone here!

 Another great factor this website has to offer is that there is also a product review section. This allows you to browse new products/products you want to try, and read about what different people have said about the products and even have a chance to post your own for others to take a look at. I personally think this feature is an excellent part of the website, which helps to guide you to help you find a product that's right for you. As well as the review section, the website also carries a beauty forum, where you can ask questions and seek advice from Beauty Experts to help resolve all your beauty queries or you can visit there blog which features a range of beauty advice to product reviews, which also makes a great read!

"Tired of wasting time & money on products that don't work for you? Join MyBeautyCompare, the world's 1st personalised & price comparison site for beauty. Discover & compare the right products for YOU!"

Overall, I think the simple and useful concept of what My Beauty Compare has to offer is a great idea. A price comparison site takes away that long and boring task of trawling through pages and pages of various websites in the hope to save yourself some money or find that bargain buy. If you sign up to the My Beauty Compare newsletter, then you  get the chance to receive website/product updates, products reviews and special discounts/offers straight to your inbox. 

Have you heard of My Beauty Compare before? Would the concept of this website be something that appeals to you? Will you be signing up?

* Written in association with My Beauty Compare


Hi everyone, I'm Caitlin.  So I'm guest posting for Laura and all of you lovely readers. You can find my blog 'Blogging Throu...

Guest Post - Benefit POREfessional Review

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Hi everyone, I'm Caitlin. 
So I'm guest posting for Laura and all of you lovely readers. You can find my blog 'Blogging Through the Mirror'. I'm a 18 year old beauty, hair and skincare lover from Manchester in the UK. I mainly blog about my favourites, hauls and product reviews and I'm mostly drugstore based...who doesn't love a good ol' bargain! 

 Lets get cracking shall we?!

So for those who don't know me and my little space on the internet and my super complex skin issues having dry, oily and sensitive skin I really was sceptical about buying POREfessional, as I was worried about breakouts and other yucky problems. I also couldn't justify paying £23.50 for a bottle of stuff that's going to possibly irritate my skin and cause me to have loads of breakouts. However, after plenty of ums and ahhhhs, I put it on my Christmas wishlist off my mum and being the little diamond that she is, bought it for me!

"Quickly minimise the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skintones and helps makeup stay put. Contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals."

I've never been one for priming and all of that malarkey it just seemed super time 
consuming. I guess that makes me super lazy, even moisturising is super boring to me but this is supposed to smoother your skin and make the pores look smaller and give your skin an overall flawless finish - this was right up my street!

So finally Christmas day came and I opened this beautiful pretty packaging, I know its just a box but I think its rather cute! I rushed straight to my bedroom to do my make up using this and after applying this I went through a moment of sheer shock that I had to call my mum in to come and have a look because I really didn't believe how it looked! My skin was smooth (usually quite lumpy and bumpy) and evenly textured my pores and lines were gone, GONE! I then applied my make up as I usually would and my foundation went on a billion times better than ever before it applied evenly and smoothly with no streaks or patches and left my skin with such a flawless finish! I was so nervous about this product giving me break outs for my super sensitive complex skin but in actual fact it seems to be better than ever I've had no break outs since using this so if your like me and you have problematic skin or you just have a few lines or deep pores then you better go out and buy this you will never look back, I mean it!

You can find me on twitter HERE and bloglovin' HERE. I do follow back on all three of these accounts because i want to get to know and make friends with a lot of beauty bloggers this year so tweet me, email me follow me!