Esqido Unforgettable False Eyelashes

AD - GIFTED | When it comes to everyday makeup, I like to keep things quite simple and natural. Usually a touch of concealer, a few coats of mascara and a quick fill in of the eyebrows and I'm good to go.

Recently I was contacted by ESQIDO; a brand focused on professional grade mink lashes that claim to be "the softest, lightest, and most natural looking false eyelashes you’ll ever wear." Baring in mind I had never used false lashes before, as I felt it could be quite fiddly to use and very time consuming, I thought this opportunity would be something worth a go, and to see what my first attempt at false lashes would be like.

Esqido False Mink Eyelashes

I was very kindly gift a pair of Esqido 'Unforgettable' false eyelashes*. For an everyday look, I like my eyelashes to look long, volumized and separated, this helps to give my eyes a dramatic and defined look. These lashes looked exactly what I wanted for an everyday look, full and fluttery yet still very natural. 

The ESQIDO eyelash glue*, a clear coloured formula with strong all day hold, just what you need in an eyelash glue, as you don't want them peeling off half way through the day! With a fine tip wand applicator, it's very easy to brush on the right amount of glue to your false lashes, without making a mess.

Esqido False Mink Eyelashes

Unforgettable Mink Eyelashes*

"Natural and elegant. Perfect for wedding. This pair of mink lashes features a gradient of increasing length and thickness across the lash band, resulting in a subtle yet beautiful winged out effect. The Best Style for Everyday Wear."

Here are my before and after photographs.

Esqido False Mink Eyelashes

As you can see, the results these Esqido lashes gave were amazing! My lashes went from straight and flat, to looking extremely lifted and fluttery, creating quite a defined and dramatic eye look without being too over the top. These lashes would definitely be suitable for an everyday makeup!

In terms of application, I struggled at first. I've never applied false eyelashes before so I had no technique whatsoever! I needed to trim the lashes slightly, just so they would suit and fit my eyes perfectly. I found using tweezers to be quite difficult, so I just proceeded to use my fingers to apply. It took me a few attempts to line up and apply the lashes as closely as I could to my lash line. I did find that the glue did dry quite quickly, so you need to be ready to apply the lashes straight away once the glue has gone tacky on the lashes, I left it around 10 seconds to dry before applying them. I made sure I had plenty of glue on the outer ends of the lashes, as they were much harder to get to stick firmly than the centre of the lash.

Have you tried Esqido Lashes before? What are your favourite eyelashes to use for a natural makeup look?

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