Review - I Love... Bath and Bodycare

This is something that I hadn't seen before in Superdrug, until I stumbled upon it on the website, where there was a vast range of items from this range to choose from. I decided upon 3 Bubble Baths/Shower Cremes, 1 Body Lotion and 1 Body Butter. When I saw them, I thought the flavours used in each product were so lovely, that I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. 

I Love... Bodycare
Products from left to right.

1. I love... Coconut and Cream Nourishing Body Butter 200ml
2. I love... Coconut and Cream Bubble Bath and Shower Creme 500ml
3. I love... Raspberry and Blackberry Bubble Bath and Shower Creme 500ml
4. I love... Strawberry Milkshake Bubble Bath and Shower Creme 500ml
5. I love... Lemon and Lime Moisturising Body Lotion 250ml

I love...Coconut and Cream Body Butter
"Escape to paradise; an exotic explosion as my tropical cocktail of sweet coconut and velvety cream aromas leave you drifting away to your very own idyllic beach hideaway"

Nourishing Body Butter - From there range of body butters, I chose the "Coconut + Cream" one, as a fan of the coconut scent, I just had to purchase. As soon as I opened the lid, I was blown away by the gorgeous sweet coconut scent, that I absolutely love! The body butter also has coconut oil and shea butter that is really good for the skin. Using this as a moisturizer for my arms and legs, it applies really easily and smoothly and sinks into the skin nicely, leaves them silky soft and smelly yummy!

These body butters come in a 200ml tub, in a range of flavours, including: "Coconut + Cream, "Strawberries + Milkshake! and "Mango + Papaya", similar to there bubble bath products. 

I love...Coconut+ Cream Bubble Bath and Shower Creme
"Escape to paradise; an exotic explosion as my tropical cocktail of sweet coconut and velvety cream aromas leave you drifting away to your very own idyllic beach hideaway!"

I love...Raspberry + Blackberry Bubble Bath and Shower Creme
"Super juicy and bursting with life; feel exhilarated as my delicious aroma of freshly squeezed raspberries and succulent blackberries infuse to create a fragrance sensation so fruity, I could be one of your five-a-day."

I love...Strawberries + Milkshake Bubble Bath and Shower Creme
"Fall in love again; there's something about this super smoothness of my thick creamy aroma, united with a burst of fresh strawberries, that leaves you senses elate and your tastebuds-a-tingling!"

Bubble Baths/Shower Cremes - "Coconut + Cream"- a beautiful coconut creme that smells amazing and reminds me of Malibu, "Raspberry + Blackberry" - a very fruity berry scent  and "Strawberries + Milkshake"- a creamy strawberry scent that really does smell like milkshake, each come in a 500ml bottle. The sounds of these just made my mouth water and I had to try them! These normally RRP at £2.05, which I think is a very reasonable price, however at the moment, this collection is on a special off with 2 for £2.99, which is great! When squeezing some into the bath, it releases its amazing scent and creates loads of bubbles, allowing you to have a calming and relaxing bath, letting you wind down and de-stress. The scents of each of these cremes is absolutely gorgeous, and if they were edible, I'd definitely be giving them a try!

Also available in "Tropical Paradise" and "Mango + Papaya", which I shall definitely try when I have finished with these ones!

I love...Lemon and Lime Body Lotion
" Flash, bang, wallop, its time to blow your mind! Feel exhilarated as my sparkling accords of zesty fresh lemon entwine with zingy lime to leave your senses super charged and revitalized. Go on... the zest is yet to come! "

    Moisturising Body Lotion - With this product, I wanted to try a flavour that I hadn't already tried from the range, so i opted for the "Lemon + Lime" Body Lotion. I thought it would be a lovely combination to try, as it made me think of quite a zesty, sharp and fruity scent - something I like. It comes in a pump like bottle that is very handy, and from the first pump, I was in love. The scent of this lotion is to die for, very fruity and zingy and reminded me of a sweet sherbet smell. It sinks into the skin really nicely and doesn't take long to try, leaving your skin hydrated and moisturised.

This collection also has another couple of products which I haven't purchased this time, including Shower Gels, Lip Balms, Super Soft Hand Lotions and Shower Smoothies, which come in the same flavours, as well as a few others, which is something I would probably purchase ones I'm done with these ones.

Have you tried anything from this range before?

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