Review - Topshops Lipstick in Macaroon

Once again I have caved in and purchased myself another new lipstick, "Macaroon" from the Topshop collection, which is my first lipstick from the range. This lipstick is a very bright pretty pink colour, perfect for an everyday lip colour! 
Topshop Macaroon Lipstick
I really like the soft formula of Topshop lipsticks and really recommend them as they have a really great colour range which I think is great for a brand that's not cosmetic based. At £8, the price is possibly slightly pricier than a standard "drug store" lipstick, but I don't think it's too unreasonable for the product you get.
Topshop Macaroon LipstickTopshop Macaroon Lipstick
This lipstick is a gorgeous pink/peach colour that flatters most skin tones. It has a lovely smooth creamy texture and covers well. Macaroon is a lovely pink shade and has lots of pigment therefore you only need one layer of this for the full colour to come out! When you apply it to your lips it comes out in a sort of bright coral pink shade, which looks really gorgeous with a velvet finish. I was actually quite scared to walk around with this lipstick on as it is a dramatic, quite bright colour but I have started to enjoy it very much and something I shall continue to wear.
Topshop Macaroon LipstickTopshop Macaroon Swatch
Topshop Macaroon Lipstick

Do you have any Topshop lipsticks? What shades are your favourites? What shades would you recommend?

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