10 Fitness Workout Essentials

Today's Fitness February post is just a short little guide to my top 10 essentials that I think are needed for any fitness workout or exercise.
10 Fitness Workout Essentials

1. Trainers
For me, a good, durable and comfortable pair of trainers is a definite must have for anyone who is looking to get into exercise and beginning any fitness workouts. Investing in quality footwear can help you to prevent injuries, mainly foot and ankle damage, and make your workout a more pleasant, enjoyable and comfortable experience. 

2. A Sports Bra
As a women, having a comfortable, supportive and well fitting sports bra is a must for any physical activity as continuous movements can result in soreness, pain and sagging of the breasts. In general, your sports bra should feel slightly tighter than your regular bra, however, you should still be able to breathe deeply and comfortably.

3. Tracksuit Bottoms/Leggings/Shorts
You want something that is going to be comfortable, practical and suitable for your desired exercise or workout. You don't want something that is too tight and restrictive, as this can stop you from performing well, as well as making you feel uncomfortable and isolated. Tracksuit bottoms are my preference! They are super comfortable and warm, and perfect for day to day wear and perfect for any weather type.

4. Yoga Mat
A yoga mat can probably be the most beneficial for those doing floor exercises or stretching. a  mat provides padding and support. For many people, pressing their bodies onto the bare ground or floor can be painful and sore, especially on the palms, knees, elbows, and vertebrae of the back.

5. Water Bottle
A water bottle is another must have item. Whilst exercising, you are constantly losing water from your body, through breathing and sweating, so it's important that you keep hydrated and keep up your fluid intake.

6. Baggy Tshirts/Vests
Whilst working out, you don't want clothing that feels tight and uncomfortable - this just makes you feel slightly insecure and makes you lack confidence, especially if you are wanting to lose some weight. Choosing loose fitting tops is perfect for exercise, they aren't too tight, breathable and for me, I think they are perfect attire for a workout.
7. Routine/Schedule
Creating a workout schedule or routine is a great way to begin getting fit and healthy. By sticking to your schedule, this gives you something to stick to, be committed to and doesn't allow you to "cheat". Even if you choose to go running once a week, exercise at home everyday or go to the gym twice a week, sticking to this will boost your confidence and give you that encouragement you need to stick to your routine.

8. Music Playlist
Having an upbeat, motivational music playlist helps to your keep focused and keep your mind on your exercise. Music can also help you to enjoy exercise a lot more and also make it fun! 

9. A Notepad
Keeping a fitness diary/log is a great way to record your progress and see how far you've come! Its a great way to record your weight loss, your exercise routine or even how far your running/swimming/cycling each week! You'll be able to see how you're improving and progressing, to get to the place you want to be at the end!

10. Hairbands and Clips
A must have essential! Whilst exercising, the last thing you want is your hair flying in your face, getting in the way, getting sweaty and just annoying. Hairbands and clips are just needed to keep your hair back and out of your face.

What are your fitness essentials? Do you use any of these? Will you take any of these on board and included them in your workouts?