Colourful Cake Cetara Mini Macarons

AD - GIFTED | The lovely team over at Cake-Cetera kindly sent me a box of there gorgeous macarons to enjoy, and my god they were good I'm pretty sure I could have eaten them all in one day, but that would have been greedy, so I resisted. If you've never heard of Cake-Cetera before, here's a little background info...

"Hello I’m Pauline the founder of Cake-Cetera, I was inspired to set up the business after losing my mum to cancer. While mum was in hospital I was shocked to find that flowers were banned from the wards. I found that most people brought in cake instead and so Cake-Cetera was born in late 2011. Originally making and delivering cakes from home in Glasgow, we have now grown into fancy premises and delighted to now have an amazing team of staff who love cake just as much as me. We are delighted to now extend deliveries nationwide and are committed to bring you more amazing goodies direct to your door."

Cake Cetara Macarons
Cake Cetara Macarons
Cake Cetara Macarons
I kindly received the 12 box of mini macarons* which retails at £12, which I think is a great price, especially for something so tasty and delicious! They also come packaged beautifully, which I think is a great touch, especially if you are purchasing them for a gift for someone special or a friend. The bite-size French macarons come in 6 flavours; Vanilla, Pistachio, Coffee, Raspberry, Lemon and Chocolate, all of which are incredible and very very yummy! I think my favourites were definitely the Vanilla and Raspberry!

Cake-Cetara also produce other tasty treats including the rather delicious looking cake pop ups and heavenly cupcake bouquets, as well as preparing products for special occasions, such as birthdays, parties, christenings and weddings, so if you're looking for a tasty treat for an upcoming event, I would highly recommend checking out Cake-Cetara!

Have you heard of Cake-Cetara before? Are you a fan of macarons? What are your favourite flavours?

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