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After winning a Twitter competition recently, my goodies were this AreaH20 Duo Haircare Pack*, containing a hard water shampoo and conditioner made for normal/fine hair. If you haven't heard of Area H20 before, they are an effective and highly research brand whose haircare products are something that works with the water type in your hair, which in time helps to create cleaner and more manageable hair for you. 
"Area H2O Hard Water Shampoo (250ml) and Conditioner (200ml) Duo is revolutionary. Scientifically formulated by biochemists it works to combat the effects of mineral deposits on hair in hard water areas.

Water is categorised into three types, Hard, Medium and Soft. The more minerals water contains the 'harder' it becomes. As water becomes 'harder' it also becomes more damaging for our hair as it binds tiny limescale molecules to the lengths, soft water however can cause hair to become slippery and unmanageable. 

Different water types affect hair in different ways. Area H20 Hard Water Shampoo – Normal Hair (250ml) is designed to act as a magnet, attracting mineral ions, allowing you to wash them away easily. This means your hair will look and feel noticeably cleaner, smoother and shinier."

After identifying your water type and receiving the correct products, these cleanse the hair of any nasty toxins and help to improve the condition of your hair, which is great! After using these for the first time, the very next day after they arrived, I was amazed with the results. My hair felt so light and bouncy, looked super sleek and soft and just felt really well cleansed. I was pleasantly surprised!

Have you heard of Area H20 before? Would this be something you would be interested in trying?

ad* | Gifted products via Twitter competition.

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