Nicki Minaj 'Minajesty' Perfume Review

When it comes to fragrances, I like a lot of different scents. For me personally, celebrity fragrances can be quite hit and miss, I've tried a few before and been quite disappointed but this time Nicki Minaj got it oh so right! 

"Through a sultry and glamorous statement that raises the bar, Nicki redefines reality with a wink of playfulness. With a nod to her vibrant and animated personality. The striking bottle makes a glamorous statement, enticing fans to collect the next, must-have "doll" in the Nicki Minaj collection of fragrances. Minajesty sultry,floral gourmand scent reigns with luscious fruits and luxurious fresh florals, draped in creamy vanilla and pure musk."
Nicki Minaj 'Minajesty' Perfume

Minajesty is a very sweet and fruity but subtly floral, which combines to make a really lovely, light, fresh perfume. With notes of lemon and berries, mixed with vanilla and musk, and a light floral scent, this perfume is a winner for me. At first, the scent is a little strong, lots of fruity, sweet notes,  but once settled, it dies down to a lovely scent that can be used for daytime or evening wear. I find that the perfume is very long-wearing and lingers on the skin all day long, which is great as you wont need to top up.  It's a really great scent for the spring/summer time as it has such a light and fresh scent to it. The bottle is absolutely stunning. Its very bold, quirky and interesting to look at, I wouldn't imagine anything less from Nicki, making a great statement bottle to have in your collection.

Have you tried Minajesty before? Have you tried any Nicki Minaj perfumes before?
What are your favourite celebrity fragrances?

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