1 Of Your 5-A-Day with Juicy Fuel Cola

AD - GIFTED | Juicy Fuel Cola; a craft cola from The Juice Shed Company; which started up in 2007. 

Juicy Fuel Cola*; a healthier, and more natural alternative to very popular and much loved Coca Cola drink. All natural goodness served up in cola form, that also happened to be one of your five a day! (I know, it's amazing, I couldn't believe it either). 

Juicy Fuel Cola

"Nothing but 100% natural, sparkling fruit juice. All our ingredients are grown, Kola nut, grape juice, lemon juice and barley malt. We don’t use preservatives or any artificially manufactured ingredients."

Juicy Fuel Cola

My favourite has to be the Cherry Cola* flavour drink. So fresh and fruity, packed with a super fizzy and sour cherry flavour, it's delicious! If you're a lover of those super sour pick n mix cherry sweets like me, this is the drink for you!

When I saw that there was a Blueberry Cola*, I was very intrigued. What other blueberry drinks are there? So this was a first for me, and if I'm being honest, I wasn't disappointed. It was super fizzy, had a very fruity taste, with a slight sour kick. Imagine chewing sour Haribo sweets with a mouthful of coke!

I have to say, out of all three of the flavours, the Original Cola* was my least favourite. This flavour is surprisingly similar to the full fat coke itself, just a bit more fruity. It was nice but compared to the other two flavours, I found the Original Cola tasted more 'syrupy', went flat quite quickly and didn't have as much fizz as the Cherry or Blueberry.

If you want to find out more about The Juice Shed or Juicy Fuel Cola, feel free to give them a tweet at @JuiceShedCo. 

These drinks are available from the following stores: Tesco, Morrisons, Booths, Sainsburys, Waitrose and ASDA.

Have you heard of Juicy Fuel Cola? What would your favourite flavour be?

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