Great British Pâtés with Wild & Game*

Wild & Game; a company founded by Steven Frampton and Michael Cannon at the end of 2017, with the aim of turning the UK into a nation of game lovers. Wild and Games product range is growing steadily. It currently includes sausage rolls, pasties, pies and sausages, with the new additions of game pâtés which I was kindly sent to try and review. The new products to the range include a Grouse, Brandy and Herb Pâté*, and Pheasant, Pistachio and Port Pâté*.
Wild & Game
 “Our mission is to make game popular on British dinner tables all year round. It’s low-fat and readily available, so it deserves to be used more widely.  At Wild and Game we have a focus on traditional dishes that people already love, so pâté seemed a perfect addition to our range."
 Pheasant, Pistachio & Port Pâté
 Pheasant, Pistachio & Port Pâté / £3.50

This pâté was probably my favourite of the two I was kindly sent. Pheasant has a mild taste, not too overpowering, working with pistachios is a great flavour combination. Pistachio nuts have such a distinctive flavour, so rich and nutty, I really liked that they gave a coarse, crunchy texture to the pâté. Finished off with a rich and gloriously sharp, fruity taste of port to round of the taste.
Grouse, Brandy & Herb Pâté
Grouse, Brandy & Herb Pâté / £3.50

This pâté had a distinct gamey taste. I had never tried Grouse before, so this was definitely a new thing for me. This pâté had a much smoother consistency and texture, compared to the Pheasant Pâté. The herbs; Parsley, Thyme and Marjoram really complement the dish and bring all the flavours together nicely.

These pâtés would be brilliant for all different types of culinary occasions; from packed lunch boxes to picnics to dinner parties and maybe even on your Christmas Dinner menu. I found the packaging to be very smart and practical, your pâtés will stay fresh and moist with its resealable lid, so definitely no worries about it going hard or stale. A great invention for sure!

Have you heard of Wild & Game? What Pâtés do you enjoy?

* I was sent these PR Samples for review purposes.
  All thoughts are 100% honest.