Beuti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir Facial Oil Review

AD - GIFTED | Do you wish for that perfect natural, healthy glow all year round? Then look no further as the Beauty Sleep Elixir Facial Oil* by Beuti Skincare is the perfect skincare product you need to give a radiance boost to your complexion.

Beuti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir Facial Oil

Firstly, the Beauty Sleep Oil comes in a small teardrop-shaped glass bottle with a plastic pump dispenser. The pump is a nice way of dispensing the oil as it's not too fussy or messy. Its oily texture is rich but super lightweight, so it absorbs into the skin pretty quickly. If you hate oils that leave a greasy and sticky feeling on your skin, you’ll love this one!

The oil is a rich looking orange colour, which is quite runny once dispensed. The first thing that hits you is the amazing fragranced scent, a real blend of natural oils, providing such a natural, fresh and earthy aroma. Very spa like! The Beauty Sleep Elixir is a super versatile product that you can choose when to apply it. Whether it be in the morning, to help wake up and brighten skin, or wearing under makeup, to help it go on smoothly and give that subtle glow or at night time before you go to bed to allow you to wake up with plump and hydrated skin.

Beuti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir Facial Oil

This luxurious face oil is 100% natural and enriched with fourteen precious plant oils including;

Pomegranate Seed Oil - antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers
Blueberry Seed Oil - promotes cell and tissue repair
Cranberry Seed Oil - rich in Vitamin A and E
Sweet Cherry Oil - improves skin tone
Seabuckthorn Berry Oil - powerful antioxidant
Red Raspberry Seed Oil - provides skin-renewing Omega 3 and 6
Camellia Oil - super high in Vitamins A, B and E
Chia Seed Oil - prevents breakouts and evens skin tone
Strawberry Seed Oil - repairs the skin barrier
Lavender Essential Oil - calms and soothes
Neroli Essential Oil - skin-regenerating
Sandalwood Essential Oil - astringent properties
Geranium Essential Oil - tightens sagging skin
Caribbean Coral - fights skin ageing and acne
Softalia Nut Oil - reduces the look of fine lines

Beuti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir Facial Oil

I've been using the Beauty Sleep Elixir for just over a month now and it really has made such a difference to my skin. I have found that my ideal application would probably be 1 1/2 pumps of the product. This allows me to cover my entire face and have a little bit extra to go over my drier patches of skin. I mainly use my Elixir just before I go to bed, applying a small layer to my freshly cleansed skin and I wake up the next morning with gorgeous glowing and plump looking skin. 

I've noticed a change in my skin from the first application, but of course the long term benefits are going to be even more impressive and that's what I've been starting to see over the last month. My skin has become much more hydrated and I have few dry patches. The Elixir has helped to brighten and add glow to my complexion, as well as beginning to even out my skin tone and prevent any redness.

RRP £42.00 for 30ml

Have you tried the Beauty Sleep Elixir? What are your favourite products for healthy, glowing skin?

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