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When it comes to skincare, face masks are one of my favourite products that I love to chop and change based on my skins needs. Whether your skin is dry and needs hydration, your skin is dull and needs brightening or your skin is oily and needs detoxing, there is always a face mask for every occasion. I was recently introduced to PROCOAL London; a company focused on producing high-quality beauty products using traceable and ethically sourced ingredients at revolutionary prices and use business to inspire and foster positive social change.

PROCOAL London Marine Moisture Masks

I was kindly gifted their Marine Moisture Masks* to try and test out for myself, and help combat my winter skin. The box contained 4 x Sheet Masks - each sheet mask contains roughly 25 ml of extract rich serum. These definitely reminded me of the Garnier Moisture Bomb masks.

PROCOAL London Marine Moisture Masks

These masks are packed full of natural, skin loving ingredients and are enriched with:
Nutrient-rich Marine Ferments: Marine ferments deliver powerful antioxidants and help the skin to retain moisture.
Botanical Extracts: Potent blend of botanical extracts help nourish and hydrate the skin.
Pro-Vitamin B5: Helps to keep skin soft, smooth, and healthy. Deeply hydrating, it helps to keep skin quenched by absorbing moisture from the air.

PROCOAL London Marine Moisture Masks

These cutting-edge, easily absorbed moisturising facial sheet masks are suitable for all skin types, especially those who have dry or dehydrated skin and are in need of a serious moisture boost. U
pon application these masks feels super cooling and fresh against the skin. You can feel the instant hydration. The mask itself has a very wet texture, due to the large quantity of serum included, that smoothes easily over the skin and moulds to the face very easily.

PROCOAL London Marine Moisture Masks

Once the face mask has worked its magic for around 20 minutes, I was extremely happy with the instant results from the first use of the 
PROCOAL London Marine Moisture Mask. My skin was left so plump and hydrated. It was the perfect product to use of my dry winter skin and will definitely become an essential in my skincare routine whilst we still have this cold weather. I was left glowing, my complexion was so much more radiant and bright. It was definitely the skincare pick-me-up I needed!

Have you heard of PROCOAL London before? What are your favourite sheet masks?

ad* | This post is in collaboration with PROCOAL who have kindly gifted me samples for a product review.

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