Tempting Valentines Treats from Thomas Fudge's

AD - GIFTED | Looking for a Valentine's Day treat to gift to someone special? Take a look at these delicious offerings that I was kindly gifted from Thomas Fudge's that are bound to excite your sweet-toothed loved ones.

Thomas Fudge's Bakery

"Thomas Fudge founded his remarkable bakery back in 1916. From the beginning, local sourcing and artisan craftsmanship has always been a real focus for Thomas Fudge's and remarkable baking remains at the heart of everything we do with recipes passed down from generation to generation. To this day we still slowly bake our tasty treats in batches. We're very proud to have retained many years of knowledge and expertise in our bakers."

Thomas Fudge's Bakery

 A delightful fusion of fruit, almonds, hazelnuts and sticky caramel, coated in a thick layer of creamy Belgian milk chocolate is what makes these Florentines a cut above the rest. These Florentines had such a sweet, buttery flavour that was beautifully complimented by dried fruit and crunchy nuts. With a crunchy and chewy consistency, and a super mouth-watering taste, these milk chocolate Florentines will have any sweet lover going head over heels.

Thomas Fudge's Bakery

These deliciously zingy lemon flavoured biscuits, dunked in thick, creamy Belgian white chocolate make the perfect flavour combination. A nice crunchy shortbread style biscuit, coated in rich, velvety chocolate. The perfect biscuit to enjoy with your afternoon cup of tea! As soon as you open the packet, you're hit with a fresh and juicy burst of sweet lemon, and the warming sweet scent of white chocolate. It's simply a match made in heaven!

Have you heard of Thomas Fudge's before? What flavour from their range would be your favourite?

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