Testing DERMALOCH Natural Skincare

AD - GIFTED | Winter really plays havoc with my skin, and I'm always on the lookout for the best skincare/bodycare products to use to beat my dry skin. I was kindly gifted a couple of natural skincare products by DERMALOCH; a company specialising in natural products for those prone to skin complaints, and I have been using them for just over a month. With over 50yrs of expertise, DERMALOCH have created two skincare products which are safe to use for those who may experience problems with psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

DERMALOCH Natural Skincare

DERMALOCH Rejuvaderm Cream 100ml* 

"With an original formula based on 50 years of expertise in skincare combined with a true passion for natural ingredients, DERMALOCH Rejuvaderm has all the essentials needed from a daily moisturiser."

DERMALOCH Natural Skincare

The first product I was gifted was the Rejuvaderm Cream*, a standard cream formula moisturiser, that nourishes and hydrates wherever you require it on your body. Within seconds the product has absorbed into the skin, it simply glided over the skin and there is absolutely no greasiness left behind. I found this an incredibly excellent feature as I used this cream on my face, arms and legs after showering, which meant I didn't have to sit around all day waiting for the moisturiser to sink in and dry.

DERMALOCH Natural Skincare
DERMALOCH Intensive Spray 100ml* 

"DERMALOCH Intensive is a deep penetrating, fine liquid that sinks deep into the skin. Energising the skin and nourishing it with a host of proven ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Sandalwood and Eucalyptus Oil."

DERMALOCH Natural Skincare

The second product from Dermaloch was the Intensive spray*. A nutrient rich formulation with hassle free spray which made application super easy. I used this product on the drier areas of my body, including my elbow, knees and heels. As this moisturiser comes in a spray form, there is no need to rub the product into the skin. It worked incredibly well at keeping dry skin away, and keeping the healthy, happy skin in good condition. The scent of the product is very strong, aromas of fresh tea tree oil fill the room as soon as you spray it, so I avoided using this on my face, as I'm sure it would make my eyes water!

I've really enjoyed using the Dermaloch products over the last couple of months. Their natural skincare ingredients have really helped fix my dry, winter skin and I couldn't be happier. Both the two moisturisers work well together, or you can use them by themselves, depending on your skins needs.

Find out more about Dermaloch here.

Have you heard of Dermaloch before? What natural skincare products do you use?

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