Creating A Customisable Function of Beauty Haircare Routine

With the cold, winter months incoming, I've been on the lookout for the perfect haircare products to add to my current routine to make sure my hairs kept hydrated. If you're not familiar with Function of Beauty, then you're seriously missing out! The products they have to offer are 100% customizable and designed to work specifically for you, all worked out with a simple 2 minute quiz which determines the formula for your hair products depending on your hair type and hair goals. 

Customisable Function of Beauty Haircare

For me, my hair type is considered slightly wavy, medium length and dry.
The hair goals I opted for were anti-frizz, deep condition, hydrate, lengthen and shine. I wanted to improve the texture and appearance of my hair, and keep it looking healthy and nourished all year round.

Customisable Function of Beauty Haircare

shampoo and conditioner. The Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner are recommended for all hair types as each product is specially formulated to address your unique hair goals and needs. Individually formulated to give your hair everything it needs to look and feel its best. I opted for the strong pear fragrance for my hair duo and the scent is incredible! I also like that you can choose the colours for both your shampoo and conditioner, I chose the gorgeous deep blue and bold orange for my hair products. From the very first use, I felt a huge difference in my hair. Softer, shinier and more hydrated, I knew with continuous use, my hair would be in the best condition it's ever been in.

Customisable Function of Beauty Haircare

hair mask. A luxurious intensive deep conditioning treatment that helps nourish and hydrate dry and damaged, transforming it to super soft and silky. This mask has a fully customizable formula that delivers a blend of nutrients to help give your hair the moisture it. Formulated with a blend of Japanese sake extract, Argan oil, jojoba ester oil, and a custom blend of natural ingredients depending on your hair goals. I like to use this mask once a week and you'll have beautifully nourished hair in no time at all!

Customisable Function of Beauty Haircare

hair serum. A lightweight oil that helps enhance hairs shine, smoothes frizz + and increases hair's overall appearance and texture. Formulated with blend of Argan, jojoba, and sunflower oils, it's the perfect product to use when drying and styling your hair, for the perfect finish. I apply this to the mid lengths and ends, as this is where I need the most protection and hydration.

Function of Beauty is on the slightly pricier side of haircare, but you shouldn't let that put you off as it's definitely worth the money. My hair has never looked so good and feels so incredibly soft. You'll be saying goodbye to bad hair days once you've added Function of Beauty haircare to your routine this winter!

Have you tried Function of Beauty?

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  1. Looks like great products! I have heard so many great things about function of beauty, and I love that it is so customizable. :) Thanks for sharing!
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