Why Antique Jewellery Makes The Perfect Gift

AD| When purchasing jewellery for gifting purposes, it can be extremely hard to find something suitable for the right price. Ideally you want to pay a good price for the perfect piece, and that you know is worth the price tag and is made to last. Many jewellers these days are mass producing the same pieces, making them widely available to everyone, but have you ever considered purchasing something slightly older, timeless and antique? Antique jewellery can be just as statement and stunning as newer made jewellery pieces, and can really be worth the investment. For a piece of jewellery to be considered antique it has to be 100 years’ or more old, this really gives the item some character and allows you to see the detail and quality from the time it was produced.

Whether you're one the lookout for rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets, here are a few reasons why antique jewellery would make the perfect gift for anyone, and why you should consider it over new jewellery pieces.

antique jewellery

 Antique jewellery items have been made to a high quality and finish, as they are almost always hand-made or hand-finished with such incredible details. These pieces would have been produced by experienced craft men, allowing these jewellery pieces to be the best of the best. These jewellery pieces are specially designed often creating intricate and unique designs on a bespoke basis, rather than for the mass market. 

 Items can be a good investment if purchased from a reputable and well established jewellers, such as carusjewellery.com. You'll be under the impression that these fantastic jewellery pieces have been well looked after and kept in pristine condition. It's also worth mentioning that purchasing antique jewellery has a huge impact on the environment, as this way of sourcing pieces is much more sustainable and ethical. Investing in antique jewellery pieces is a great way to minimise wastefulness and be more environmentally friendly, and is one of the easiest ways of conserving precious resources. You'll also be supporting smaller, local businesses instead of mass corporations, which can be very rewarding to know.

 One of the main advantages of buying antique jewellery is that you are almost certain not to find someone else wearing the exact same piece. Antique items are more unique and not mass made, making them extraordinary timeless pieces that can really make a statement in any jewellery collection. Many antique pieces were often handmade so even similar pieces are slightly different and you can almost guarantee your piece will be one of a kind.

antique jewellery

When choosing antique jewellery items, you can really search for the perfect piece, specially personalised for the person receiving the gift. For example, you could purchase a piece that reflects the person's birthstone, or a piece is made reflecting a certain style that they like. For me, my birthstone is diamond, so this ring would be perfect. Researching into buying the perfect antique piece of jewellery can be really exciting, and can really make the gift more sentimental, more special and more thoughtful.

Overall, researching and hunting down the perfect antique pieces of jewellery maybe tiresome work, and may take some time to find the exact piece you're looking for, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. Not only do you have a memorable piece of history, but you will also have such a unique product that will really make a statement in your jewellery collection. You'll be able to wear your timeless piece of jewellery year after year and it definitely wont go out of fashion any time soon!

Would you consider purchasing antique jewellery?

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  1. love this! I have always told my boyfriend that when he proposes he better use a secondhand ring from an antique store :) There are so many gorgeous pieces out there!
    Jenna ♥
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