How I've Grown My Lifestyle Blog Throughout COVID-19 Lockdown

  Lifestyle blogs are probably one of the most popular types of blogs you will find on the internet these days, and many bloggers/influencers are expanding their niches and building content on a more lifestyle-based theme, in order to grow their websites. The content featured on lifestyle blogs can be extremely versatile, as you can choose from a wide range of topics to feature and post articles on, which can help attract a large amount of readers. 

With my own lifestyle based blog, I like to create content on a variety of topics, and I regularly post on topics such as beauty, home, fashion, business and finance, and travel, to name a few. I feel that with having such a broad amount of topics, it can help you gain a wider audience, as well as keep your site up-to-date with current affairs, and keep it relevant and engaging for your audience. Throughout 2020 and so far in 2021, I have been putting a lot more time and effort into growing my lifestyle blog. I was placed on furlough from my regular job on and off until April this year, so this left me with much more time on my hands and I decided that it would be a good decision to go more full-time into my blog and expand my content further.


Probably one of the main factors that has helped me to grow my lifestyle blog throughout lockdown has been increasing/expanding my content and starting to write about a number of newer topics to feature on my website. For example, I have now begun to include articles themed with subjects such as relationships, business and finance, and home and interiors. Not only have I focused on my written content, but I have also focused on the visual content of my website. To help improve my website further, I have also been working extremely hard on the overall appearance of my blog, including changing the theme and design, format and layout of my blog posts. I've opted for quite a bold and eye-catching theme, with quite a minimalist layout, to keep my website looking as clean as possible.

Over the last year and a half, I've been extremely lucky to form and maintain some great relationships with agencies, PR's and brands, which has helped me to expand the success of my lifestyle blog. I've recently worked on an increased amount of sponsored posts and collaborations, which has allowed me to begin to monetise my website and start to earn a second income alongside my main job. There are so may different ways you can start making money with your blog, from affiliate links, link insertions, campaigns, and sponsored/collaborative posts, you just need to find which works best for you. I've also signed up to a number of blogger/influencer websites that can help you seek paid work and assignments, which has also allowed me to work on a number of campaigns and collaborations on a number of different topics, that I may not have written about and published previously.


Social media plays a huge role in the growth of your blog, from gaining increased page views to getting new followers and readers. Throughout the lockdown period, I've been lucky to interact and converse with a number of bloggers and influencers, that have also helped me to develop and grow my lifestyle blog. By sharing blog posts and articles online, this allows you to target and reach a larger audience from all over the world, getting your content seen by people you may not even know. This is something that makes sharing your work online is absolutely incredible. 

From my own personal experience, the social media sites that helped me to generate the most readers/traffic to blogs include Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin', Pinterest and LinkedIn. Once you start getting views from social media sites/organic searching, you’ll be able to analyse the traffic, I use Google Analytics to determine what your readers like, where your site is getting viewed from and what type of content is the most popular on your lifestyle blog. This helps you to plan ahead and schedule new content for the future, as well as produce articles that you know are going to be suited and popular with your audience.

What are your favourite lifestyle blogs? What are your favourite topics to read about?

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