Benefits of Using A Hair Straightening Brush In Your Haircare Routine

AD - GIFTED| Looking to save time on your haircare routine? Want to add a new hairstyling tool to your collection? Why not consider a hair straightening brush!

Hair straightening brushes have been popping up everywhere recently. They are available absolutely everywhere - via online websites, in your local salons and in high-street stores. Probably one of the most recent and newest products in the hairstyling game, and nowadays, many haircare brands have one to offer - I use the Liberex Hair Straightening Brush. A hair straightening brush could become a complete game-changer in your haircare routine - especially for those with thick, coarse, wavy or curly hair. If you're tired of spending ages doing your hair in the morning, it might be time to get your hands on a hair straightening brush asap!


Hair straightening brushes are incredibly useful hair tools and are typical safe to use for all hair types. Whether you have thick, wavy or curly hair, this hair tool can transform your haircare routine. Many hair straightening brushes come with a number of interchangeable brushes - depending on the thickness and texture of your hair, as well as advising you on the best temperature setting to use to ensure it works for your hair type.

Using a hairbrush and a hair straightener at the same time can be extremely tricky and fiddly. Not only are hair straightening brushes a 2 in 1 product that are much easier to use, it's also incredibly time saving on your haircare styling routine. Hair straightening brushes heat up in super quick time and give you brilliant results within minutes of use. In fact, I've found using this hairstyling took less time to style my hair than my hair straighteners, meaning my morning haircare routine took a lot less time and I didn't have to compromise on results.

Many hair straightening brushes are designed to be small and compact, making them incredibly travel-friendly. A perfect haircare tool to take on-the-go, whether you're going away for the weekend or on a week-long holiday, a hair straightening brush could be your best friend. By being a hairbrush and a hair straightening tool, means you can save space in your handbag/luggage, as this multi-use tool is the perfect 2 in 1 accessory.

One of the greatest benefits of using a hair straightening brush is that overall, they can be much less damaging on your hair than your average hair straighteners. Whilst using, the brush glides through the hair so easily, you have no tangling, no snagging and no breakage - you're also not clamping the hair between two hot irons, making it more gentle to use on the hair. You're also more than likely going to be using a lower temperature, allowing you to avoid heat damage and burning any hair.

- Top Tips When Using a Hair Straightening Brush -

●  Make sure to brush hair with a normal brush/comb before using, to make sure hair is knot and tangle free.

●  Always use the brush on dry hair. Never use on extremely wet or damp hair as this can cause heat damage and leave your hair burnt.

●  Use heat protectant before use to keep hair protected. This will help keep your hair soft and prevent any frizz.

●  Straighten your hair in small sections for better results.

Liberex Hair Straightening Brush

Liberex Hair Straightening Brush

The Liberex Hair Straightening Brush is an effective hairstyling tool that can give you the salon-style look you want at home, within minutes. Say goodbye to frizz, and hello to soft and silky, beautiful hair! With a built-in fast heating technology, you'll be able to achieve the perfect straight hairstyle effectively whilst saving time on your haircare routine. The hair straightener brush adopts the most advanced PTC + NTC + MCU technology, which can heat up quickly while ensuring that the product is evenly heated. 

Liberex Hair Straightening Brush

Another great feature of the Liberex Hair Straightening Brush is the built-in 7-level temperature settings. These settings make the straightening super useful for those with different hair types and textures, and advises you the best setting for your hair.

Low Temperatures - 130-160°C - suitable for soft hair.
Medium Temperatures - 180-210°C - suitable for blonde or dyed hair. 
High Temperature - 230°C - suitable for thick, curly, or coarse hair.

Liberex Hair Straightening Brush

The Liberex Hair Straightening Brush comes with 3 interchangeable brushes, that are easy to swap in and out, and are designed to reduce the hair breakage and damage by reducing the excessive friction to your hair. The 3 brushes you receive are made for different purposes - the ordinary brush and concave brush can be used for general straight hairstyles, whereas, the hook-shaped comb teeth can be used to make a straight hairstyle with inner buckles. 

Liberex Hair Straightening Brush

The power cord manoeuvres 360°, allowing you to easily operate the hairstyling tool with any hand at any angle, and prevents the wires from getting tangled during use. A great feature of the brush is that it will automatically turn off if not used for 30 minutes, to ensure your safe and protected. As well as this, the glove that comes in the box is extremely useful and allows you to touch/section your hair whilst straightening, without your hand getting burnt.

Liberex Hair Straightening Brush Before ResultsLiberex Hair Straightening Brush After Results

I decided to include a before and after photograph of my hair, so I could see for myself how well the Liberex Hair Straightening Brush performed on my first use of the hair tool. On the left, this is my hair freshly washed and dried using a hair dryer. As you can see, my natural hair is fairly straight with a few wispy and wavy areas, and is slightly frizzy. On the right, this is my hair after using the hair straightening brush. As you can see, there is a significant and noticeable difference in the appearance and condition of my hair. My hair is pretty straight, the frizz has noticeably reduced and overall, my hair is definitely a lot more silky, soft and shiny - just needs a good trim, and it will be in a much more manageable, healthier condition.

From my experience, using the Liberex Hair Straightening Brush was incredibly quick and easy. The brush itself is very durable and glides through the hair with ease. I experienced no snagging, no knots, and I didn't have to keep going over the same section of hair - like you would sometimes with a typical hair straightener. Having a hair tool that brushes and straightens my hair all at once is very handy - especially if you need to get ready in a hurry!

Have you heard of Liberex? Do you currently use a hair straightening brush in your haircare routine? What are your favourite hairstyling tools?

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