Jewellery Review - Ebay Black and White Triangle Necklace

I haven't seen many people that actually review there jewellery purchases, which is a shame, as there is so much you can write about them. This is something that I am going to start doing with pieces that I really love, and hopefully you will enjoy reading about my finds, and maybe purchase them for yourself!
Ebay Black and White Triangle Necklace
Ebay Black and White Triangle Necklace
After browsing numerous Ebay stores, and a number of different necklaces later, I purchased this gorgeous necklace from Ebay at the beginning of March. At a tiny price of only £1.59, I thought this was such a bargain for the design and quality of the item I received, and it is very lightweight that is also a huge plus! I currently love all jewellery that focus on geometric shapes and detailed designs, which you may have noticed from my past blogs, with the jewellery that I have purchased. I feel they give off quite a simple statement, but look absolutely stunning when combined with a killer outfit! 
Ebay Black and White Triangle Necklace
This necklace is very monochrome-esque, with its black and white pattern, which is something so versatile and timeless, you can wear with any outfit! I also thought the design on the golden beading was so lovely and intricate, it just adds such depth and elegance to such a modern piece of jewellery!

The only slight issue with buying such jewellery on Ebay is that the majority of it is shipped from Asia, which will take a couple of weeks by post, however if you're willing to wait, then I would definitely recommend you checking out Ebay for jewellery as there is a vast range of stunning pieces at very affordable prices!

Have you purchased any jewellery from Ebay before? Would you be interested in buying now after reading my post? Do you like the item I have purchased?

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