Jewellery Review - Ebay Multi Spike Statement Necklace

Hello everyone! I've got another jewellery review for you, after getting some very nice comments from my previous post, which you seem to like this new style post! This review is about another necklace that I purchased from Ebay. This specific Ebay store offers quite a range of stunning necklaces, that I had quite a long time looking at before I chose this necklace.
Ebay Multi Spike Statement Necklace
Like I said before, the store these came from offer a number of different necklaces, and this specific necklace is named "N21", costing £2.29 and is a beautiful antiqued gold colour and very lightweight, which is great for something you hang around your neck for long periods of time. It is a very stunning piece of jewellery, so versatile it will look amazing with any outfit, at any time of the day. I feel its quite a unique necklace that you can style both casually and formally and it wont look out of place.
Ebay Multi Spike Statement Necklace
The small plate of the necklace features a very intricate design, that just adds such a simple but effective and stunning detail to the necklace, that really just makes a statement. The different lengths of the spikes also makes this necklace quite eye catching and aesthetically pleasing, adding a slight urban yet grunge edge, which is something that always seems to be on trend and a style that is timeless.

Have you purchased any jewellery from Ebay before? Would you be interested in buying now after reading my post? Do you like the item I have purchased?

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