Jewellery Review - Ebay Gold Leopard Statement Necklace

Hey everyone! Another short and sweet jewellery review type thing here, and again its a piece that I bought of Ebay! At the moment, I'm quite into quite bold and quirky statement jewellery, specifically necklaces, and this gorgeous necklace really caught my eye! It was slightly more pricey than the other necklaces I have featured from Ebay, costing me £3.99 with free p&p, however I fell in love with this and ordered it straight away!
Ebay Gold Leopard Statement Necklace
I absolutely love this necklace that features a gorgeous leopard in a vintage bronzed/gold colour with black. Its very lightweight and I think it is such a stand out piece that you can wear mainly formally, however with some more casual outfits, it will look just as good!
Ebay Gold Leopard Statement Necklace
The only downside about this necklace, similar to the others I featured, is that being posted from Asia, they do take some time to be delivered, around 2-3 weeks, however I think it is definitely worth the wait! I feel that on Ebay, you can get a lot of very gorgeous and unique pieces, that not many other people have which I love!

Have you bought any jewellery off Ebay recently? Would you buy this necklace?

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