My Current Favourite Drugstore Lipsticks

Hey guys! It’s been a long while since I posted anything around the topic of lipsticks, and from a previous post sharing my Rimmel London Kate Lipsticks, which seemed pretty popular and I had got some great feedback and suggestions, I wanted to share with you My Current High Street/Drugstore Lipstick Collection. In the past, I’ve always kept it safe and always bought and worn nude coloured lipsticks, which there is no problem with, however quite recently I have been buying more colourful peaches, corals and pinks, that just add that pop of colour and I have really been enjoying and embracing the fact I have stepped out of my “comfort zone”! Now, my collection of lipsticks isn’t the biggest or most expensive, but I just thought it would be nice to share with you that current shades and colours that I own, and to see what you think of them and maybe show you some you’ve not tried and it might change your mind on certain brands or colours.
Drugstore Lipsticks
The first selection in My High Street/Drugstore Lipsticks is from the Kate Moss Rimmel London Lasting Finish Range, which I have been using for so long and still loving! I picked these up in Superdrug in the following shades; 05, 09 and 16, which retail at £5.49 each. I won’t go into too much detail about these, as you can read my previous post here.
Rimmel Drugstore Lipsticks
Rimmel Drugstore LipsticksDrugstore Lipsticks Swatches
Shade 05 – A gorgeous deep berry red colour with pink tones, which I find perfect for a night out!
Shade 09 – This is a beautiful purple/brown toned nude colour, an everyday use lipstick!
Shade 16 – My favourite of my Rimmel Lipsticks, this is a lovely bright pinky peachy coral that is very summery and pretty!

The next few in my collection are just ones that I have tried out and not loved or hated, just lipsticks that I don’t use that often, but still keep them in case the right occasion pops up or I feel they go with a specific outfit or look.
Drugstore Lipsticks
Drugstore LipsticksDrugstore Lipsticks Swatches
Primark Lipstick – I got this lipstick in a coral pink colour, which only cost £1. I really like the colour; however when applied to lips, it isn’t very pigmented and needs quite a lot of swipes to achieve some colour.
Barry M Shade 121 – I bought this lipstick AGES ago, I think it was £5?, it is a very deep and vibrant pillar box red colour, that quite frankly I don’t think I’m that brave enough to pull off!
Topshop Lips in Macaroon – This lipstick was my first make up purchase from Topshop costing £8, after I read about how great there lipsticks were from a number of different blog. I chose this bright pink colour, with slight peachy tones which is very summery!

Finally, the last two lipsticks in my collection is something I have recently purchased and have loved ever since, and I don’t know why it took me so long to experiment with and try out! These lipsticks are from MUA, which I also bought in Superdrug in shades, 7 and 12, which retail at just £1, bargain or what?!?!
Drugstore Lipsticks
MUA Drugstore LipsticksMUA Drugstore Lipsticks Swatches
Shade 7 – A really pretty peachy coral shade with a hint of shimmer, which is really pigmented and so versatile to wear both day and night.
Shade 12 – This is a really gorgeous shimmery pink shade, which has such a lovely colour to it and perfect for everyday use!

Which lipsticks do you currently own? What is your favourite lipstick brand? What shades of colour do you usually go for? Do you own any that I have shared today? Would you buy any listed above?

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