Ebay Jewellery Drawer Storage Review

Hey guys! Today's post is going to be something slightly different in which I want to share with you something that I purchased on Ebay to help store my jewellery. I purchased this 3 Drawer Mini Storage Unit to help me organise my rings and bracelets, as keeping them in a makeup bag wasn't really neat and everything was just all tangled up! 
Ebay Jewellery Drawer Storage Unit
The storage unit measures: 15cm x 15cm x 13cm (Height x Depth x Width), so I thought it would be the perfect size to sit upon my desk. It only cost £3.95 with free P&P, which I thought was such a bargain!
First Drawer - Rings // Second Drawer - Bracelets
     Ebay Jewellery Drawer Storage Unit       Ebay Jewellery Drawer Storage Unit
Third Drawer - Bracelets // Side View of Storage Drawers

What do you think of this storage holder? How do you store some of your smaller jewellery? Would you purchase this?

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