Rimmel London 'Rumour Has It' Colour Rush Lipstick

After a number of recent fashion based posts, I thought I would publish a little cheeky beauty review of something I purchased recently via the Superdrug website. The Rimmel Colour Rush Balms are something I had never seen or heard about before, so I opted to pick one up to try and so far I absolutely love it! I've always been a fan of Rimmel Products and this colour lip balm hasn't disappointed! I chose the shade Rumour Has It.Rimmel London 'Rumour Has It' Colour Rush Lipstick
 The balm is lovely and applies really nice and smoothly, allowing you to build up as much colour as you want. If you're someone who doesn't have a lot of time to apply make up or not a fan of lipstick or glosses, this Rimmel Colour Rush is something you should definitely try out! They come in a range of lovely colours and this particular balm to me smells like vanilla and white chocolate... DELICIOUS!
Rimmel London 'Rumour Has It' Colour Rush Lipstick
The colour is a beautiful raspberry berry red colour, that would suit most skin tones, and be suitable for everyday wear as it's not too overpowering and bright. It's a perfect lip colour for a subtle lip, but can be built up to become more bold and vibrant!
      Rimmel London 'Rumour Has It' Colour Rush Lipstick
RRP - £5.99

Have you tried the Rimmel Colour Rush yet? Does this product look like something you would use/buy? Have you tried anything similar?

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