My Top 10 Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

I've decided to write about something slightly different from my usual fashion or beauty related posts, and share with you some of my hair care tips. Looking after your hair doesn't have to be a time consuming, expensive and a laborious task, as simple tips and tricks can help minimise weak, damaged hair from everyday wear and tear. 

As I am someone with long, thick hair, it can be difficult to maintain and keep looking its best, but using some of the following tips helps to keep my locks in the best condition. I've also included a few of my own personal recommendations of products that I have tried or using at the moment, that I really love and think help to keep my own hair looking strong and healthy.

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1. Protect Hair Against Heat
Protecting your hair from the likes of blow drying and straightening are a must for healthy hair. Without any form of defence, the hair is subject to breakage and splitting, a definite no no! Heat Sprays are essential to keep hair away from damage and burning, and are a must for anyone using any for of heat styling!
I'd Recommend: TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray

2. Use A Good Shampoo and Conditioner Suitable For Your Hair Type
Using a good shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair is a general must! This tip allows you to focus on your hair and make sure you're buying the right products. Most brands offer a selection of products that cater for all hair types, for example dry, damaged, coloured, long, frizzy etc.
I'd Recommend: Aussie

3. Don't Let Split Ends Spoil Your Hair
Split ends occur from everyday wear and tear, and can have your hair not looking its best. With visits to the hair dressers being pricey, using a split ends treatment can keep them minimised and disguised for that little bit longer. These treatments contain proteins that help to repair and rebuild the hair, helping to maintain luscious locks!
I'd Recommend: Bondi Boost Rapid Repair Serum

4. Don't Tie Hair Up Too Tightly
This tip may come as a bit of a surprise to some of you, but tying hair up too tightly encourages damage and breakage to existing hair, as well as growing hair. This also can lead to weak and damaged hair that no one wants!
I'd recommend: Metal Free Hairbands

5. Have A Good Hairbrush
Having a good hairbrush is an essential part of maintaining beautiful healthy hair. When picking a hair brush, go for one that good at tackling everyday tangles, as tugging on hair causes breakage and damage. Also, brushing from the ends helps keep hair healthy and damage free, as this helps to ease out an tangles.

6. Pamper Your Hair With A Weekly Hair Mask/Treatment
Using a weekly hair mask or treatment helps to give your hair a boost from everyday wear and tear. Most of these contain various proteins that help to repair and reconstruct hair, leaving it looking healthy and shiny, and feeling soft and smooth.
7. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally When You Can
Letting your hair dry naturally helps maintain and protect your hair, as you are using no heat. After a shower or bath, give your hair a quick pat and squeezing the hair gently between the towel. Avoid rubbing and pulling, as this causes damage and breakage. If you need to use a blow dryer, try letting hair dry naturally for as long as possible, and try to limit the temperature and time spent drying.

8. Get Hair Trimmed Regularly
Whilst you can minimise the sight of split ends, getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks is an essential stage in maintaining healthy hair. You can do this yourself, just getting some sharp scissors and trimming slightly above your split ends, saving yourself a trip to the hairdressers, as well as some money!

9. Washing With Warm/Cool Water
The use of warm water naturally open the pores of your scalp, which is great for removing the oil and any dirt. The use of cool water helps to add shine and to seal in the hairs moisture. Avoid using Hot/Cold water as these can be damaging to your hair. Hot water strips your hair of its natural oils and also cause hair to become frizzy, meanwhile cold water can leave your hair looking quite flat. Whilst cleansing and washing your hair use warm water, not hot. You don’t want to burn your skin and your scalp. When you’re ready to rinse out the conditioner, use cool water for a final rinse.

10. Maintain A Healthy Diet for Healthy Hair
Having a healthy diet will ensure and help to prolong better-looking, better-feeling hair. A diet packed with protein, vitamin C, iron, zinc and omega 3, are all helpful in keeping hair damage free and healthy!

Which hair products do you currently use? Are there any hair care products you'd recommend?

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